Goyello relies on further development in the Olivia Business Centre

Goyello, a Polish & Dutch IT company, plans its further dynamic development in the Olivia Business Centre. The company prolonged its agreement on the lease of office space in the OBC, decided to take up some additional area and move to the Olivia Star. The Goyello team has been a resident of Olivia since 2011, i.e. from the beginning of the centre’s existence.


Goyello: young and talented

Goyello specializes in the provision of IT solutions developed in line with the principles of the Agile methodology[1]. Customers of Goyello are enterprises from the B2B[2] sector. Distinctive features of the company include flexibility, openness and partnership relations within the team and with customers including companies from Europe and the United States.

Goyello celebrated its 10th birthday in November 2016. Throughout these years, the  company has won numerous awards. Among others, it was awarded the prestigious Dutch-Polish Business Award, a distinction for the most innovative and responsible companies with a positive impact on the Polish-Dutch economic relations. Goyello also won the IT Leaders 2016 contest in the “Business Intelligence Trends” category.


Direction: development. In the Olivia Star

The company’s office is currently located in the Olivia Gate building. Goyello signed its first contract for 500 sq.m in 2011. The company doubled its team in five years. The new Polish office of Goyello on the 9th floor of the Olivia Star building occupies 1300 sq.m. and more than 100 people will work there. According to Goyello’s motto: THINK, CREATE, CARE, the new office will have a place to focus, place for creative work, creativity, substantive and social meetings as well as for relaxation.

“We are proud that Olivia became a place where companies such as Goyello develop so dynamically. Olivia is a place that facilitates the daily operations of companies, establishment of contacts and relations. A half of the Goyello business activity period falls to the time spend in the OBC. It is inspiring to see how the firm that has been with us from the very beginning is developing and attaining its goals, gaining recognition on global markets”, stresses Maciej Kotarski, the Lease Director in the Olivia Business Centre. “Goyello will move to the Star, the most modern high-rise in Poland. The building has a lot to offer to tenants. I am sure that, thanks to unique technological solutions and the unique surroundings, Goyello acquired a place in the Star that guarantees the comfort of work, promotes creativity and co-exists with the philosophy of the company and its values”, adds Kotarski.


Actively in the Olivia Business Centre community

As a resident of the Centre almost since the beginning of its development, Goyello has been taking an active part in the life of the community of the Olivia Business Centre. The team welcomes Olivia residents coming to work with tulips, the most Dutch ones of all flowers each year on the King’s Day.

It also successfully participates in the Olivia Sports program.

“We believe that people and good relations between them are most important to make good business. We are intent on the best quality of relations; this is why we care for our employees, our customers and partners. An appropriate environment such as in the OBC is also very helpful here”, says Katarzyna Szemro, the Marketing Director in Goyello.



[1] Agile methodology – Agile is a set of values and principles promoting an effective and adjustable creation of projects, among other things, software.

[2] B2B – business-to-business

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