Following Google – Sii arranges a creative Office with a slide at Olivia Business Centre

In 6 months Sii will move to a modern and the highest in Tricity skyscraper called Olivia Star that is located in s business complex Olivia Business Centre. In half a year the second of the largest IT employer in Northern Poland is going to design interiors inspired by tech giants’ premises from Silicon Valley. Sii is in the middle of the process of designing work, relax & sport zones and building a slide between floors.

The company’s objective is to create the most modern place to work, that in 5 years will accommodate nearly 1 100 employees. In May 2017 more than 700 engineers will take 5 floors of the skyscraper covering 6,5 thousand. sq. m of office space. In the new office will appear such facilities as: gym, climbing wall, relax rooms, game zones with billiard, ping pong tables, game consoles, room for breast-feeding mums, space for kids, and lots of other attractions.

Michael Desmurs, Sii Gdansk Branch Director says – Our office will be a such place, where people work and carry out technologically advanced IT projects. Although, we also know that comfortable work conditions,  team integrations and possibility to relax contribute to  better employees’ satisfaction and higher effectiveness. Then, they feel a stronger bond with the employer and become more motivated – thanks to that both sides benefit.

In Olivia Star soon will appear employee-friendly office space, that will stand out Sii from other IT companies. Offices that are equipped with only chairs and desks have already gone out of date. Only few moments left to Sii great movement to the new premise – that is why currently work on interiors design is in advanced progress. The official new office opening is planned for May 2017.

In Poland Sii employs first-class IT engineers. With 2700 employees Sii is the fastest growing company in the IT sector and industrial engineering. The company has 8 offices in major Polish cities. Sii develops international projects for clients from all over the world. In the framework of the current projects Sii Gdansk is looking for experienced programmers, testers, analysts, system architects, automation specialists  and roboticists.

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