The first stage of carpooling project

This Friday (July 7), there will be the summary of the first stage of carpooling project. First 5 parking spots or vouchers are waiting for the winners. All participants of carpooling competition must remember to bring coupons to the office of Auto Euro Myjnia Olivia till  July 7 (from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm) (Olivia Gate B, ground floor). Till July 14 we will choose the winners and the prizes will be awarded.

The additional surprise for the best carpooling driver will be the opportunity to use Mercedes Glc Coupe for 10 days (including two weekends)!

The competition “Divide your car, multiply benefits” has been extended by another month. If you are not a participant yet, you have a chance to join it.

To take part in the competition you just need to:

  • register on the platform cp.oliviacentre.com,
  • specify the home-work driving route and indicate the time of departure and the number of available places, and
  • regularly collect coupons (points) for shared travelling in pit-stop located in Olivia Business Centre (from 6:45 am till 9:45 am vis-à-vis Starbucks coffee shop).

You get points for the frequency of rides and the number of fellow travellers. The cars which take part in the competition can be labelled in a special way, for example with an OBC sticker, what is treated as a readiness to take a fellow traveller with you every day. Thanks to it you are awarded additional score points.

To make carpooling contact easier, a special group was created on Facebook – Carpoolingowcy Olivii (Olivia’s Carpooling) – where you can offer a lift.

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