Extraordinary Olivia Camerata for Christmas. Report from the event

Another edition of our music cycle of cameral music, Olivia Camerata, was held in the Olivia Sky Club on the first Saturday in December. It is our second year of meetings with masters’ compositions; the Camerata’s program includes the most beautiful classical music that helps us realize our, sometimes undiscovered, love for it and offers an extraordinary opportunity for the contact with beauty in its pure form.

Olivia Camerata is a project that integrates our community. Olivia hosts entire multi-generational families participating in it. Both the youngest ones and seniors feel well here. Residents and our Friends from Oliwa and the entire Tri-City meet in the Olivia Sky Club.

We will remember the December concert of the Camerata for a long time as it was unique in so many aspects. Full audience (the room was filled to the last seat), unique atmosphere and a very warm welcome for the performers: Anna Mikolon (piano) and Krzysztof Bobrzecki (baritone) were only some of the attributes of that extraordinary meeting. We could hear and even feel the taste of rabbit or Turkish chicken dishes as the recipes for these delicacies were… sung. Students of the music school of the 2nd degree in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz: Zofia Lewandowska (viola) and Marcin Marzejon (clarinet) performed to promote young talents.

Thanks to the programme the “Christmas Music Menu” we could hear the most beautiful compositions by classics of the international cameral music, e.g.: Mozart, Beethoven, Bizet, Moniuszko and Strauss. In addition to the works of masters, there were also Christmas songs close to our hearts and, of course, carols loved by all. We could also hear well-known Christmas hits such as “White Christmas”, “Let it snow”, “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” and “Na całej połaci śnieg”.

We would like to thank all of you for the time spent together to beautifully begin the Advent and the time when we await Christmas.

We would also like to thank Partners of our event: Mr. Andrzej Palecki (MBank Gdańsk), Sylwia Pawłowska (Lobster Restaurant) for the very pleasant, rich gifts from Santa and treats for our guests. We would also like to thank StaraOliwa.pl, “Gdańsk Community”, Radio Gdańsk and the Pomerania Development Agency for their support.

We invite you to other Olivia Camerata concerts in 2018 with the “Four seasons” theme. The first edition will take place in March!

Thank you for the unique time together during the “Christmas Music Menu” concert!

Monika Bogdanowicz




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