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“The Strength of Kindness”. Caritas meetings at Olivia.

In the Tuesday afternoon, February 27, in Olivia Sky Club you could meet disabled persons, the charges of Caritas in Gdańsk, as well as organization’s employees – therapists. It was the second event as part of “The Strength of Kindness” series. Even the name itself tells us a lot. The initiator and organiser of the event is Caritas of Gdańsk Archdiocese. Olivia Business Centre is open to the cooperation with many environments and tries to get engaged in projects, which aim to integrate people, exchange ideas, promote pro-social attitudes, support initiatives dedicated, for example, to vocational activation, that is why it cooperates with Caritas in Gdańsk.

The special guest of the event was Paweł Jaworski – the owner of “MORPAK” company, the founder of “Stara Papiernia” Association. This entrepreneur employs disabled persons, that is why he shared his experiences connected with everyday cooperation and emotions, which accompany it. He emphasised many times that it is enough to skilfully use the knowledge and skills of a disabled person to make him/her an expert in a certain field. Marta Gosłowska-Mironowicz from Integralia foundation, a job-matching specialist with many years of experience in vocational activation of disabled persons, gave listeners specific guidelines concerning how to employ a disabled person.

Beata Kozłowska, a therapist from Stanisław Kostka Caritas Rehabilitation Centre talked about working methods in the Occupational Therapy Workshop, especially about “art therapy”. In Olivia, we could find out how real works of art are created (you had the opportunity to see and buy them at the stands prepared by the employees, volunteers and charges of Caritas). You could also work in saddling or ceramic workshop and get to know the details of a so called “Cracow Method”, which is used while teaching how to read in Rehabilitation and Educational Centre in Trąbki Wielkie.

There was also an artistic part. Among persons, who showed us their talents, there was Łukasz Kalisz – an actor, a dancer and the charge of the Occupational Therapy Workshop in Gdynia. What is more, the charges of the Occupational Therapy Workshop performed acting scenes, presented four workshop stands, where they work every day – weaving, saddling, ceramic and wicker. The event was enhanced by photo exhibition – “Disabled persons of Caritas”.

At the end of the meeting there were snacks and conversations.

– Our charges were very impressed by the place, in which the meeting was held. Admiration connected with architecture and design was mixed with fear. “I have never been on the 12th floor in a glass room”, I heard such words. I saw awe in their eyes, when they were approaching a window-wall with slight anxiety and were admiring beautiful views. It was time, which showed a great strength of good and kindness of Olivia Business Centre employees makes us feel there like home. Special thanks go to Monika Bogdanowicz and Katarzyna Halicka from Olivia for great attention and care, which you give us. – said Marta Szulc, Secretary of the Management Board in CARITAS of Gdańsk Archdiocese.


The next meeting will be held on March 20, at 5:30 pm in Olivia Sky Club. Space will be filled with children – the charges of clubhouses and the Home for Single Mothers in Matemblewo. See you!

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