Children’s Day at Olivia!

Together with Primary School No. 35 with sports classes in Gdańsk Oliwa, we invite everyone on Saturday, May 26, for the family Children’s Day at Olivia:) Make a note in your calendars! It’s a special day because it’s also the Mother’s Day!🙂


  • „Got Talent” competition, in several scenes and turns for everyone who likes to sing:)
  • Dance shows
  • Football match
  • Singing the song of Primary School No. 35 together


  • Sports:
    • Hockey – spectacular Lacrosse show, floorball. Here is also the action: „We’re dressing a hockey player: Dress the Little Goalkeeper” – pomocam.pl
    • Figure skating – prepared by Parents of children of PS 35
    • Handball – goal throws
    • FIT family: a stand for exercising
  • Catering – prepared by the Parents of PS 35 and the Canteen of PS 35
  • First aid
  • Reading
  • Scientific – Experiment – Body – Perfect Machine
  • Erasmus +
  • Little One’s Zone (White Kitten)
  • Fancy Faces (White Kitten)
  • Little Constructor (White Kitten)

Family competitions:

  • tug of war
  • running
  • football matches;)

And also:

  • A show of a pair of ice skating champions: Oliwia Borowska and Filip Bojanowski
  • Skaters’ dance shows
  • „Foot orienteering” – at the stadium
  • Acrobatic path
  • A family game for kids
  • Competition „Challenge your spelling” – family dictation
  • Zumba workshops (White Kitten)
  • Judo show and workshops (White Kitten)
  • A common dance connecting the festival


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