Avaus Marketing Innovations opens a branch at Olivia Business Centre

The most dynamically growing Scandinavian company from Finland, specialising in marketing automation – Avaus Marketing Innovations – opens its competence centre in Poland. After many months of analysis, Gdańsk was chosen as the location and the offices will be located at the Olivia Business Centre. Next year 20 persons will be employed at Avaus Marketing Innovations.

Avaus Marketing Innovations is a company well known in the Scandinavian market, specialising in consulting and performance of campaigns related to marketing/sales automation processes. With the team of about 70 people in Finland and the experience gained in comprehensive marketing campaigns for such companies as: ABB or Fazer, AMI has been effectively competing against the largest European players in the sector.

Both the Finnish head office and the Polish branch of Avaus Marketing Innovations opened in May, collaborate with large companies which offer goods and services to individual customers and carry out various marketing activities in the web.

“Poland’s market is very attractive to us”, says Tuomo Räsänen, President of the Management Board of Avaus Marketing Innovations. “Marketing automation is the future of marketing. However, software dedicated to such solutions is complex and requires much time and expert knowledge to become acquainted with it and to apply it effectively. Starting with an analysis of IT data, issues relating to redefinition of marketing strategies and customer services, development of artwork and ending with an analysis of the effectiveness of campaigns. We offer a solution consisting in providing customers not only software, like for instance Adobe Campaign, but primarily offering comprehensive consulting support”, he adds.

At the end of May Avaus Marketing Innovations opened its first competence centre abroad and now recruitment processes are under way. The company employs: programmers and Internet analysts. It is also looking for experts to be responsible for consulting and collaboration with foreign customers and also with Polish companies. The centre will be responsible for IT support to projects carried out all over Europe.

“We have visited Poland a number of times thinking about location of our competence centre”, says Harri Roschier, owner of Avaus Marketing Innovations. “We have been looking at Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Białystok. We became enchanted with Gdańsk as it resembles us of Helsinki. This is a city with a “soul” where we found everything important for our company. Wonderful, well educated people, open to novelties and development, thriving centres supporting innovation, communities with passion for new technologies, e.g. 3camp.pl and numerous universities. The location of Gdańsk is also important – on the one hand the beautiful Baltic and on the other – Kaszuby with its lakes and forests. Another advantage why we chose Gdańsk as the location of our competence centre was a direct air link to Helsinki”, adds Roschier.

In Gdańsk 20 people are to be employed. “We plan to hire people who are passionate working with new technologies and marketing. Work in the company I am speaking about “Google in the world of marketing automation”, says Jakub Dąbkowski, Country Manager. “Avaus Marketing Innovations is committed to a management model based on knowledge sharing. Both inside the organisation with an open and collaborative atmosphere and with the environment of the company. If we combine the above with the Finnish/Scandinavian human oriented management model, we get a composition attracting people – employees and customers”.

Avaus Marketing Innovations will have their office in the Olivia Business Centre. The official opening is planned in a few weeks.


On Olivia Business Centre

The Centre has been developing regularly since 2010. The completed office buildings: Olivia Gate, Olivia Point, Olivia Tower, Olivia Four and Olivia Six opened last May, surround a patio with greenery and fountains where a unique winter garden is being constructed. Last April the construction of the Olivia Star skyscraper was started to be the highest building of the Centre.

Olivia Business Centre means much more than just buildings. Regular business, educational, cultural and sports events take place there. Residents of the Centre have access to such services as: support in staff recruitment, legal and financial consulting, marketing and IT support. They have access to three conference centres, a medical centre, restaurants, kindergarten and crèche, three banks, a modern junior high school, coffee shop, beauty salon, notary’s office, electrical car charging point. Recently O4 space was opened officially which is an entrepreneurship accelerator with instant offices. The Centre has over 1600 parking spaces and change rooms for cyclists

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