At Olivia, we share passion!


At Olivia, we share passion! We did a lot together in 2019, and a lot is yet to come. So far, together with you, we have created 17 Ambassador Clubs (here you can read about sports clubs).

To clarify, if you love the latest technologies, board games, you are a master of samba, yoga, bingo, you love crime series or books with ground-breaking ideas, you run, play chess, paint, draw (put any activity here) at the OBC, you can share your hobbies with others. You can simply do what you love with us and become an Ambassador of your passion. For us, it is important what is important for you – professionally and non-professionally, because we believe that #togetherwecandomore (#razemmozemywiecej)!

Below is a list of our non-sport Ambassador Clubs. Join us or propose something you would like to do with us. We will help you, i.a., to organise meetings and events. 

We already meet to photograph, sing together in the OBC Choir, play board games and RPGs, learn foreign languages… We have a Parents’ Club and a Father’s Club, and children learn at Olivia, among other things, programming and robotics.

Here are our Ambassador Clubs. Join us on Facebook or propose your activity by sending an email to Ela from the Olivia Business Centre (elzbieta.sumionka@oliviacentre.com).

Here you can read about that  „United by Sport and you can see that, together with us, you can play football, volleyball, run, cycle, swim in cold water and much, much more…  


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