Art exhibition in Olivia

Recently in Olivia Star’s hall, we can admire pottery and paintings of great Tricity artists: Dorota Krzyżanowska, Gertruda Wilczopolska and Wiesław Grzech (his works come from the private collection of Lidia Rutkowska).

This is another part of Olivia Business Centre’s project, which supports and promotes our artists. Previously, among the artists who presented their works in Olivia, were for example artists from WL4.

The exhibition will last till March 23, 2018. The works will be presented also in other Olivia Business Centre’s buildings.

All of them are for sale. If you are interested, please contact marketing department: marketing@oliviacentre.com.

Barbara Matysiak, a chairperson of Artimpres.me agency, is a co-organiser of the exhibition


About artists:

DOROTA KRZYŻANOWSKA. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, she was awarded a degree of Master of Arts in 1985 (diploma in easel painting at the Painting and Graphics Faculty under supervision of professor Kazimierz Ostrowski and annex in graphics under supervision of professor Czesław Tumielewicz). Her works are presented in galleries and private collections in Germany, Poland, France, USA, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sweden, Canada, England and many other countries. The artist specialises in easel painting, watercolour painting techniques, drawing and her own techniques, including innovative digital techniques. She also deals with multimedia and photography. She cooperates with publishing companies as a designer of graphic layout of publishing series, illustrations, etc. She is an expert in fast “capturing” of a certain energy of a moment – emotions, observations, feelings, movement. She attaches great importance to facial expressions of characters. Sometimes, drawing lasts only some seconds. However, preparing her mind to create this clear and unambiguous message can last long. She likes creating while listening to natural music – sacred songs, ethnic and meditative music from all over the world.

GERTRUDA WILCZOPOLSKA. As an artist, she has been fulfilling herself for 45 years. She studied art at the Faculty of Painting at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. She obtained a diploma in 1960. She works with various art techniques, for example: painting, medallic art, unique textile – tapestry, small sculpture forms and also rare painting technique with the usage of glaze on large-format ceramic tiles. Many times, she has participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad (for example in the USA, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Great Britain). She likes sharing practical secrets of fine arts. On the occasion of 100th anniversary of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, in 2011 she received lifetime achievement award from the Mayor of Gdynia. She hopes that her works fill people with optimism, give hope that even from bad things, which occur in our lives, good things can be born, which are drawn from the source of all love, and she also hopes that grey every-day reality will not overshadow beauty.

WIESŁAW GRZECH. He spent his childhood and youth in Gdynia, in Orłowo district, which has always been his inspiration. He painted the Orłowo Cliff, beaches in Orłowo, pier. Gdynia is his history, there began his journey, which he started by making Gdynia famous thanks to his painting, which is well-known in many places around the world. Wiesław Grzech’s painting: first impression – unusual amount of light. Second impression: continuous spinning of the world, his repeatability. “I am a self-taught man” – he says about himself, however he took the environment of artists by storm, rocked the boat and raised standards for professionals. Wiesław Grzech began to paint at the age of 12. At that time, he created his first oil paintings, sea landscapes. He is fascinated with nature, observes its beauty and perfectly catches its harmony, what is reflected in his paintings: sometimes realistic, sometimes melancholic and brooding…. Wiesław Grzech’s self-generated talent is developing thanks to continuous creative work and searching. He evolved from post-impressionist form to the form peculiar only to an artist. Wiesław Grzech’s works have travelled nearly across the whole Europe. That’s where they find their recipients.

Wiesław Grzech’s works were made available thanks to the kindness of Mrs Lidia Rutkowska (private collection).

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