Aromatic cakes at the Olivia Business Centre

A „Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski” shop – the first in Gdańsk and a Tricity flagship shop will be opened in the Olivia Business Centre in May 2016. The employees of the largest business centre in the Tricity and inhabitants of the district in Oliwa, Gdańsk, will have access to an offer of top quality of bread and confectionery products made in compliance with traditional Polish recipes. Additionally, there will be healthy snacks, sandwiches, coffees and teas.

A Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski shop – the first in Gdańsk and third in the Tricity will be opened in the Olivia Business Centre in May 2016. The shop with the surface area of over 100 square metres will be located on the ground floor of the Olivia Six building.

Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski is a network of bakeries and coffee shops now covering 33 outlets. That will be the third shop with the brand outside of Warsaw. The shop in Olivia Six will be a flag shop of the brand in the Tricity. The customers of the Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski network appreciate the freshness and high quality of the products made on site. Every day customers are offered a broad range of traditional Polish bread – starting from rye and multi-grain breads and ending with an endless variety of rolls, for instance with linseed, pumpkin seeds, cereals, sesame seed. Gourmets can also try Italian breads like nizza and ciabatta or French croissants and baguettes.

Additionally, Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski offers cakes, cookies, salty snacks, coffees, teas and sandwiches and salads made on the spot. All of those things can be tried in a friendly atmosphere of the shop, typical of best coffee shops and bistros serving breakfasts. The popularity of the formula is evidenced with the fact that daily Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski sells over 7 000 sandwiches, 11 000 lunches and 16 000 confectionery and bread products.

“The taste and aroma of the bakery products, the friendly interior create an atmosphere for a short break away from work with friends and for a casual business meeting – so I am very happy that we open one more of our outlets at the Olivia Business Centre. It is worth remembering that the network of Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski relies on a tradition of almost a hundred years,” says Maciej Kotarski, Rental Director at the Olivia Business Centre. „We are happy that thanks to Knight Frank that intermediated in the rental contract, over 5000 people working at the Olivia Business Centre and the inhabitants of the neighbourhood will have access to an outlet combining the functions of a traditional bakery and a city coffee shop.

We are very happy that as a result of our efforts for the Olivia Business Centre, we have managed to sign a rental contract with the increasingly popular brand of Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski. The entire Centre on the space of 73 000 square metres employs about 5 000 people for whom the opening of the bakery and coffee shop is an additional advantage. We may not forget the inhabitants of the neighbourhood who will no doubt be tempted with the quality of the offered bakery products.

I think that Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski is an ideal complement to the existing catering offer of the Olivia Business Centre,” says Joanna Gomułkiewicz, Negotiator at Knight Frank.


The shop of Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski is located on the ground floor of the Olivia Six building, at al. Grunwaldzka 472 D in Gdańsk, right by the Customer Service Office of the Energa Group. More information at: www.nowakowskisklepy.pl.


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