APL has opened its office at Olivia Business Centre

Another company has become an Olivia Business Centre Resident because APL has opened its office in the Olivia Tower building. APL is a company which produces and sells feed and dietary supplements for pets.

JBF20130619 019-sAnother company has become an Olivia Business Centre Resident because APL has opened its office in the Olivia Tower building. APL is a company which produces and sells feed and dietary supplements for pets.

Animal Pharmaceutical Laboratories (APL) is a Polish producer of feed and dietary supplements for small pets, dogs, cats and exotic species. The company has been operating since 2010 when a production plant was launched in Kulice (Pomerania). Since 8th November 2014, the company has had its office in Olivia Tower, one of the Olivia Business Centre’s buildings.

APL established there its internet and telephone marketing departments. It also makes use of the space by conducting there business meetings with its partners. APL shares its office space with three other companies – Schmith Polska (a tools manufacturer), Scienceplast (a provider of laboratory equipment and materials) and Biofeed (a producer of feed for farm animals).

The signature product of APL are easily applicable dietary supplements in a liquid form. Another distinguishing product of this Pomeranian company are high-quality dry feeds with a high meat content, vitamins and minerals in a durable form of chelates. The APL company also cooperates with foreign partners and customers, for example from Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

„In short time, prestigious customers have started to prevail,” says Magdalena Wysocka, an APL manager. „That’s why we wanted to locate our office in a prestigious place, which would be suitable for welcoming important partners and customers .Those often share their impressions after meetings and are enchanted by the whole of OBC — from lobby to Olivia Sky Club. It is a place on a world level. Our region lacked such a place before. A strong argument for us is also an excellent infrastructure of the centre and an easy access to well-qualified employees.”

APL declares that it will increase its production capacity in the plant in Kulice in the nearest future and that it will increase employment in the office at Olivia Business Centre. This is connected with new sales plans that assume an expansion to new sales markets, both national and foreign.

„The presence of APL at Olivia Business Centre is a proof that we’re also welcoming towards small and medium-sized enterprises with big ambitions,” says Agnieszka Zglinicka, the Project Director from Olivia Business Centre, who coordinates the cooperation with the small and medium-sized enterprises sector. „Business environment with a good reputation also affects the way such companies are seen by potential partners and customers, which facilitates establishing contacts and is a solid groundwork for a development on an international scale. This is just one step from a growing importance of the whole Gdansk metropolis.”

APL is one of the four companies that moved into Olivia Business Centre during the last 3 months. To these companies belong also: Alnet Systems (security systems software), Omida Logistics (transport, forwarding, logistics), KOKU Sushi, which is part of a Poland-wide franchise chain of sushi bars, and a beauty and hair salon P. Roccialli.

After the Olivia Six building is handed over for usage in the first half of this year, Olivia Business will become the second biggest office project in Poland. Aside from the most modern offices, one may also find at OBC, inter alia: 3 independent conference centres, a business incubator with instant offices, a kindergarten, a nursery, a Medicover medical centre, a pharmacy, a restaurant, a Starbucks café, a sushi bar, a shop, a hair salon, 3 banks, an ATM machine, a sales outlet of Energa, a notary. The opening of a new restaurant is planned. The Centre has 1600 parking places, including those free of charge, as well as cloakrooms for cyclists. An economic life of the Gdansk metropolis is concentrated at OBC.


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