Another year of the cooperation between Olivia Business Centre and the University of Gdansk

The third year of the cooperation between OBC and UG passed at the end of June. Under the agreement signed also this year, both parties supported each other in their initiatives directed at academic and business circles.

A big event at the beginning of this academic year was a Job Fair, which was organised by Olivia Business Centre at UG’s Faculty of Social Sciences .10 companies which have their offices at OBC presented to students their offers of on-the-job trainings, internships and jobs. Useful lectures on career planning as well on writing resumes and cover letters were also delivered to students. Moreover, there was an opportunity to consult their content with speakers and experts from Hays Poland. Training recruitment talks were carried out at this company’s stand.

„It was the third job fair organised by OBC, but fthe first one which was held outside the centre’s premises. We decided to change the form a bit and reach a bigger number of students from the University of Gdansk, which is one of our main partners. We chose the biggest University’s faculty as the fair’s venue,” says Małgorzata Zienkowska from Olivia Business Centre.

The second big event in which both OBC and UG were involved was the 12th edition of BOSS, a festival organised by BCC Student Forum. BOSS Festival is one of the biggest events in Poland concerning young people’s entrepreneurship. As part of this year’s Tricitiy edition of BOSS, the following OBC Residents shared with students their knowledge about business, career development and soft skills: Peter Horsten (Goyello), Pierre-Olivier Monteil (Playsoft), Ewa Koruba (Hays Poland), Magdalena Barwicka (PwC) , Anna Kucharska (Studio HR) as well as Jake Jephcott and Adam Sikorski from Olivia Business Centre.

They participated in two discussion panels held at UG’s Faculty of Social Sciences. Olivia Business Centre also began a cooperation with „Unversity Gazette”, a publication of UG’s community, in which articles with valuable advice on students’ and alumni’s first steps on the job market were regularly published. Materials concerning the Olivia Campus programme, which supports students’ entrance into their career lives, were broadcast also by students’ Radio Mars. An important element of the cooperation was also the direct transfer of information to the University of Gdansk about open recruitments held by OBC’s Residents, for example Coleman Research. 

Not only career Issues connected with young people’s entrance into the job market weren’t the only area of cooperation between OBC and UG in the previous academic year. Another type of cooperation, from the results of which students could benefit, was the sponsoring of UG’s Academic Sports Union. Olivia Business Centre supported also male soccer players and female basketball players from UG’s Academic Sports Union. A match entitled „Business – Academia” was held during the Inno3City conference in May this year. The teams were sponsored by OBC and UG respectively.

The University of Gdank was furthermore an important partner of OBC’s Amusement Park, which was a family fair organised to celebrate International Children’s Day. UG lent its stadium at Wita Stwosza street for this purpose and without this support the event couldn’t have been held. Hundreds of people, both children and adults, spent their time at the fair during the whole day. To these people belonged both residents of neighbouring districts and the Residents of OBC.

Together with the University of Gdansk, Olivia Business Centre organises the Star Speakers cycle – meetings with people who achieved exceptional successes in science, culture or sports. To last year’s guests belonged: professor Ian Angell from London School of Economics, Derek Redmond – British athlete, and Chris Niedenthal, one of the most famous Polish and European photographers.

During the last academic year, meetings of UG’s rectors, university faculties and students were also held at OBC’s conference halls. People studying journalism and social communication were also able to present their end-of-term papers from the fields of marketing and public relations in the new 04 innovation development zone.

Finally, both organisations supported each other as far as their promotional actions were concerned. For example, information stands concerning the University of Gdansk’s postgraduate studies could be found in Olivia Business Centre’s halls. The cooperation between Olivia Business Centre and the University of Gdansk will be also continued in the next academic year of 2015/2016. The third academic year of the cooperation between OBC and the University of Gdansk passed at the end of June. Under the agreement signed also in this year, both sides supported each other in their initiatives directed at academic and business circles.

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