Almost 50 new companies, over 1400 new jobs and beginning of the construction of the new building Olivia Star – summary of 2015 at the Olivia Business Centre

ThyssenKrupp, Atos, Generali, LOTOS Air-BP and Pomerania Development Agency are only examples of companies and institutions that opened their offices at the Olivia Business Centre. About 5 000 people work now in the largest complex in the Tricity. Last year the Olivia Six building was completed. Additionally, the construction of Olivia Star, the sixth and largest office building in the centre was commenced – with Sii that signed a contract for the lease of 6 000 square metres of office space in the building. The Olivia Business Centre is also the heart of Tricity business which was confirmed with 300 conferences and events held at the Olivia Sky Club and other conference spaces.


Olivia SixNew hundreds of jobs

In May 2015 Olivia Six was commissioned, continuing pace of completing one building per year. In September 2015 the German metallurgy giant ThyssenKrupp opened a Global Centre of Shared Services to hire as many as 1000 persons ultimately. Additionally, the following moved into Olivia Six – Pomerania Development Agency involved in acquiring new foreign investors, Epam Systems and PwC, which opened a Competence Centre providing consulting services, mainly for financial sector customers from the USA and West European countries. What is more, CityFit will move into Olivia Six becoming the biggest fitness club in Tricity, accessible 24/7.

Olivia Six is the first building in Poland with full triple-glazing façade which meets EU standards prevailing by 2021. The building obtained the highest grading of the ecological certificate BREEAM Excellent in the Tricity and was highly appreciated in sectoral competitions.

Additionally, the Olivia Four building was appreciated by experts. The office building was awarded prizes in the competitions: Pomeranian Storms 2014, Office Building of the Year 2014 and Green Building Awards. The high quality of Olivia Four was also appreciated by such companies as Generali, LOTOS Air‑BP, Acxiom, Atos, Qumak and Omida that opened their offices there.

In 2015 the following companies became residents of the other buildings of the Olivia Business Centre: Avaus Marketing Innovations, Broadridge, Coleman Research, or New Style Group. An additional storey at the Olivia Tower was also leased by Bayer.



strefaO4Space of creativity

In 2015 the business accelerator O4 started operation in the Olivia Business Centre and it offers offices from as little as 16 square metres and modern conference space. It is one of the biggest business accelerators in Poland. The offer has found interested parties among small and medium-sized enterprises that within a few weeks occupied the space available at O4. Now over 30 companies are located there and there are many entrepreneurs that use the co-working zone. For instance, a non-public junior high school operates at O4.




Olivia Star has started to grow

A major event in 2015 at the Olivia Business Centre was the commencement of the construction of the next stage of the centre: a prestigious Olivia Star. The first office lease contract at Olivia Star was signed with one of the fasted growing residents of the centre – Sii, the French IT company. On the space of 6 000 square metres 700 people will find employment and the stories will be connected with an escalator.


Medicover OliviaMulti-functionality

The advantages for people working in the centre include an extensive offer of services on the ground floors in each building: a medical centre, restaurants and a coffee shop, a kindergarten, banks, a beauty salon, conference centres. In 2015 contracts were signed with FIVE Restaurant, Alior Bank as well as CityFit which soon will become the largest and most modern fitness club in the Tricity.





studenciHeart of Tricity business

Olivia Business Centre is the heart of Tricity business, among other things due to the involvement in arranging events for entrepreneurs from Pomerania. Those events included such as the InfoShare conference or Startup Sauna. Meetings were held with the residents of the centre by such well-known science, sports and art personalities as: Chris Niedenthal or Peter Vesterbacka. Additionally, at the Olivia Sky Club meetings were held related to the strategy of the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area and the gala of the “Summer Traineeship” with almost 90 companies involved.




Olivia SportsMore than just business

In cooperation with the University of Gdańsk, experts from companies from the Olivia Business Centre share their knowledge with students – both during lectures at the University and also during practical classes at the centre. Events that involve the local community include such as family festivities on the Children’s Day, blood donation or the Christmas Ecological Fair.

Activity was also manifested by the sports members of the Olivia Business Centre community. Also in the area of sports there were a number of events. In the Olivia Sports football & volleyball leagues, the OSTC and Goyello proved to be the best. The Centre also became involved in local sports events: Oliwa Run and Company Relay Race.

The Olivia Business Centre also became involved in initiatives promoting the city and the region. The action “Choose Gdańsk” has been encouraging people of various ages to start or continue their professional career in the city of Neptune. Like every year, in March the Olivia Business Centre was a part of the representation of the Pomeranian Voivodeship during one of the largest property fairs in Europe – MIPIM in Cannes, France.

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