Alior Bank opens office at Olivia Business Centre

A new office of Alior Bank was opened on 1st September 2015. It is situated on the ground floor of Olivia Gate, in the place which was previously occupied by Meritum Bank. The office will be opened to customers from Mondays to Fridays during the following hours: 10:00 a.m-6:00 p.m.

The legal fusion of Alior Bank and Meritum Bank occurred on 30th June 2015. The fusion was carried out within only 5 months since the completion of the purchase transaction of Meritum Bank’s securities. This means that it was one of the fastest and most efficient integration processes executed in the Polish bank sector. According to the schedule, the operational merger will have occurred by the end of 2015.

„The rate of fusion with Meritum Bank proves that the joint Alior Bank has both a management with a rich experience in fusion processes and a modern IT architecture. With a support from the new strategic investor, we fulfil all conditions to play a substantial role in a further consolidation of the bank sector,” said Wojeciech Sobieraj, the President of Alior Bank.

As a result of the fusion, the assets of Alior Bank increased to 34.9 milliard zlotys, which makes it place 13th among the biggest banks in Poland as far as a balance sum is concerned. The bank also increased its market shares to the level exceeding 3 percent. Alior Bank provides services to almost 3 million individual customers and 123,000 companies. An efficient service is ensured by the fourth (when it comes to size) bank distribution network, which consists of more than 1000 offices. Since 2014, Alior Bank’s securities have contributed to the WIG20 index, which lists the biggest and most liquid companies quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

„Aside from the wide offer of bank products, we want to provide comfortable and comprehensive service. We hope that the opening of the office in a very-well connected and prestigious office block will lead to the increased level of customer satisfaction as far as our services are concerned,” says Tomasz Ciurzyński, the office’s manager.

Olivia Business Centre is the most prestigious and modern business centre in northern Poland and is situated at the very heart of the Gdansk metropolis. The biggest office project in Poland is being built here; the current area amounts to 73,500 square metres, and the planned area will amount to over 120,000 square metres. Inter alia the following companies have their offices at OBC: Allianz, Amazon, Bayer, Energa, PwC, Sii, ThyssenKrupp.

At Olivia Business Centre, we strive to maximally facilitate our Residents’ work. Work comfort entails also the possibility to settle many affairs in one place, without the necessity to travel between various service centres. That’s why, in addition to offices of high quality, the Centre offers an access to an expanded service mall. One may find at OBC: three conference halls, medical centre, three restaurants, kindergarten and nursery, four banks, modern middle school, café, beauty salon, notary, point for loading electrical cars,” says Agnieszka Zglinicka, who is responsible for the commercialisation at Olivia Business Centre.

Olivia Business Centre has been systematically expanding since 2010 at the rate of one building per year. Completed office blocks: Olivia Gate, Olivia Point, Olivia Tower, Olivia Four and Olivia Six, which was opened in May this year. The buildings surround a patio with greenery and fountains where a unique winter garden is being constructed. The construction of the Olivia Star block, which will be the highest building of the centre, has started in April this year. The 04 space, a business accelerator with instant offices, has been officially opened lately. The Centre has more than 1600 parking places as well as changing rooms and parking lots for cyclists.

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