Absolutely exceptional „Summer” with Olivia Camerata!

Behind us many beautiful, sunny days that made us feel that the summer has come to us… But it has come also to Olivia. And this is thanks to a unique chamber concert, with a unique artist – Magdalena Molendowska in the main role, and in a unique place, which is Olivia Star. The event was already the fifteenth cycle of Olivia Camerata. The motto of this year’s concerts at the Olivia Business Centre is „The Four Seasons”. 

And thus… The „Summer” concert will certainly be in our memory for a long time. Olivia’s special guest was a phenomenal, world-class soprano Magdalena Molendowska, who, with her masterful performance of vocal parts of arias and opera duos performed together with tenor Jacek Szponarski, delighted and charmed a record audience of nearly 200 people! The artists were accompanied by acclaimed Gdańsk pianist, Grażyna Troć. The audience watched the performance with incredible enthusiasm. It rewarded the performers with a standing ovation – they’ve been encore-singing twice! No wonder, as the composers whose songs were sung included Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Puccini and Offenbach.

Before the main part of the concert, students of the violin class under the direction of prof. Anna Śliwa from the second grade Music School in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz presented their skills as part of the promotion of young talents. Agata Szabelska played Légende of H. Wieniawski, and Szymon Cygański – Scherzo in C minor of J. Brahms. Students were accompanied by Anna Mikolon on the piano.

– The hot atmosphere outside was in perfect symbiosis with what was happening in the artistic spaces of our new concert venue in the Olivia Star lobby.  The invitation to participate in Olivia Camerata concerts is accepted by more and more people. Among them are our friends from the Olivia Business Centre and the closest neighbors from Oliwa and Przymorze. We actually host people from all over the metropolis, and even from other parts of Poland – says Monika Bogdanowicz from the Olivia Business Centre team implementing the project – Not only the unusual talent of performers but also the charm of this place brings them to us. The acoustics of the Stara lobby were highly appreciated by experienced music lovers, who compared the quality of reception in this space to this in concert halls. 

About Olivia Camerata

Olivia Camerata is a series of chamber concerts that take place in the Olivia Business Centre since 2016. Camerata is an integral part of the interdisciplinary OBC „Olivia Cooltura” project, which integrates the inhabitants of the metropolis around culture and art in many aspects.  Concerts, meetings with authors, film screenings, workshops and debates take place in Olivia. As part of the three editions of Olivia Camerata, 15 concerts have been held so far.

Camerata is dedicated to the inhabitants of Gdańsk, especially the neighboring districts of Olivia – Oliwa and Przymorze. The project is intended to integrate the community around the OBC, as well as to serve the creation and development of mutual relations of the inhabitants of the region. Camerata is also trying to build intergenerational bridges, because whole families are attending concerts in Olivia. It is also to encourage older people who are more and more willing to take part in artistic events that are more easily accessible due to their proximity to their place of residence.

– We are happy that high and world-class culture is now permanently present in our spaces and that the idea of ​​chamber concerts at the Olivia Business Centre has been so well received by our immediate surroundings. It’s great that more and more people are interested in participating in an original music event, just seemingly impossible to organize in a place like a business centre. The creation of a committed, active community, and such is already focused around Camerata, is our greatest joy – emphasizes Monika Bogdanowicz.

All Camerata lovers are cordially invited to the next event after the holidays – on October 13 – the „Autumn” concert. Save this date in your calendars! 


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