9th edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Global Entrepreneurship Week is held on 14 – 20 November. The Pomerania Development Agency is the regional project coordinator to which the Olivia Business Centre invites its Residents. Today (i.e. 31.10) is the last day of registration by the end of the day at www.tydzienprzedsiebiorczosci.pl and become a partner of GEW2016.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week is a regular international initiative promoting entrepreneurship among inhabitants all over the world. At the same time, thousands of meetings and events are held all over the world. The project is addressed to all those who wish to expand their knowledge on entrepreneurship.

The catalogue of events that may be carried out is very extensive and covers e.g. meetings with entrepreneurs, training, seminars, workshops, lectures on entrepreneurship, conferences, as well as open days, games, competitions, exhibitions, performances, lessons and many more activities.

Social aspects of business are the core theme: social entrepreneurship, CSR and social startups. By no means that excludes other subjects related to the labour market or other business aspects.

The Pomerania Development Agency encourages business environment institutions from Pomerania, companies, schools, universities and authorities to organise events within the Global Entrepreneurship Week, e.g. in the form of conferences, workshops, meetings with experts or business games related to entrepreneurship.  The growing popularity of the initiative is reflected in the fact that last year there were 160 events attended by 5500 persons in our province.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week Foundation has been trying to gather a community of people around the initiative who represent various sectors and industries and who wish to support innovation and entrepreneurship among Poles.

Information on events organised within the Global Entrepreneurship Week is published on the national website of the event as well as on the PDA, the regional coordinator’s site.


Let us see the strength of the Olivia Business Centre community in the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Let’s meet, get to know each other better and get involved in the development of common projects.

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