5th Oliwa Run with Olivia!

5th Oliwa Run, which is for many Tricity runners an iconic event, has come to an end. The running competition is organised by Oliwa Borough Council, “Silni Ciałem Niezłomni Duchem” Foundation and Sportevo Triathlon Team. Olivia Business Centre was a partner of the event 🙂 It could not have been otherwise, as we are the part of Oliwa’s community and we are very engaged in supporting local initiatives, which enable us to get to know each other better and cooperate in a more effective way.  

This is what the organisers of the initiative say about it: “This is an unusual event because intimate character of the place fosters the unique atmosphere of this family running feast.”

This year, the whole route led through well-known, picturesque paths of Tricity Landscape Park. The run started at the entrance to forest on Jelenia street (in the neighbourhood of Gdańsk University of Physical Education and Sport). Rivalry took place on two distances: 5 kilometres (1 loop) and 10 kilometres (2 loops). 

Olivia was represented by the team of ten daredevils. Monika said: “This is a great event with unusual atmosphere, which arises also from natural conditions of the route. This is a unique opportunity to run at the seaside, on the route with such a diversified conditions in terms of height and the whole topography. Numerous mountainous stretches make it possible to feel unique emotions and sheer joy of running. This year, the weather and the spirits of more than 500 participants were favourable. We will surely come back to Oliwa’s paths next year!”

The results of Oliwa Run

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