23rd Bursztynowy Mieczyk Award Gala

Bursztynowy Mieczyk and Bursztynowy Katamaran prizes have been awarded!

Prestigious Maciej Płażyński Bursztynowy Mieczyk awards and numerous distinctions were presented on December 1 to Pomeranian non-governmental organisations, associations and foundations during a ceremonial gala in the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk.

The idea and concept of Bursztynowy Mieczyk Award, which has been granted since 1994, emerged in the Regional Information and NGOs Support Centre. Bursztynowy Mieczyk is the first undertaking of this kind in our country because it reflects the recognition for non-governmental organisations’ activities at a regional level.

The special award for exceptional attitude during summer storms was presented to the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Dziemiany. The award was funded by Olivia Business Centre and was presented by company’s representative – Stefan Grabski.

The Marshall of the Senate of the Republic of Poland Award was presented by Antoni Szymański, the senator, to Małgorzata Rybicka from Autistic People Association.

Bursztynowy Katamaran Award was collected by Ryszard Kalkowski, the mayor of Szemud commune. Bursztynowy Katamaran Award was collected also by “Można Inaczej” Association from Starogard Gdański.

The special award for the overall activity was presented to St. Brother Albert’s Aid Society, Gdańsk Circle.

Debut of the Year Award was collected by Aktywnie do Przodu! Foundation, which introduced a special bike for disabled persons on our roads.

Citizens’ Prize was collected by “Kaszubianki” Association.


Elaborated on the basis of: netka.gda.pl “Można inaczej”, author: Włodzimierz Amerski

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