Oct 27: Blood drive at Olivia Business Centre

Informal Club of Distinguished Voluntary Blood Donors „Kropelka Energii” (Drop of Energy) cordially invites all people working at Olivia Business Centre (OBC) in Gdansk and their Friends to participate in a blood drive which will be held next Friday on 27th November 2015 at the parking lot C.

zbiorkaTwo blood collection buses from the Regional Centre of Blood Donation and Transfusion Medicine will be accessible for donors at the same place and at the same time. The registration of donors will be carried out from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The following people are responsible for a successful course of the event and for providing organisational information: Tomasz Rubanowicz (tel. [+ 48 ] 785 873 326), Piotr Krysiński (tel. [+ 48] 601 529 929) and Aneta Gleixner. The event will be coordinated by the Organisers directly next to the ambulances, where you can meet with them and arrange a date for donating blood.

People who live outside Tricity or will be then on holiday may donate blood in nearest blood donation points within the whole country (we enclose to this e-mail a list of blood donation points in Poland). After you donate blood, you may send us a message at our e-mail: ekropelka@energa.pl to confirm your donation for statistical purposes. After the event is finished, we will provide answers to all questions sent at the above mentioned address. There is no such possibility during registration.

We suggest consulting your participation with your superior beforehand.

Learn who can become a Distinguished Volunteer Blood Donor at the following website => http://www.krew.gda.pl/ <=

PLEASE NOTE! People who want to donate blood must remember:

  1. To get enough sleep and to be well-rested;
  2. To be healthy, which means that you can’t have symptoms of i.a. cold (e.g. runny nose, coughing, herpes)
  3. Not to donate blood without eating and drinking first; it is necessary to eat a light meal and drink a big coffee or tea beforehand;
  4. Not to take medicines such as: aspirin, drugs containing paracetamol, anti-allergic drugs;
  5. Not to smoke cigarettes at least two hours before donating blood;
  6. Not to drink alcohol, also on the day before donating blood;
  7. To obligatorily bring with them their ID card or driving licence.

The registry of bone marrow donors

People who are interested in registering as bone marrow donors should inform about this at the ambulance. More information about how to become a bone marrow donor can be found at the website http://przeszczepy.wordpress.com/pytania-i-odpowiedzi/ or https://www.dawca.pl/jak-zostac-dawca/dawstwo-szpiku

Bonuses: we ensure for people who donated blood at the ambulance and at the blood donation centre in Gdansk on this day:

  1. Voucher for a free coffee or tea at Starbucks OBC Gdansk
  2. Voucher for a meal at the „Lobster” Restaurant or KOKU Sushi in Gdansk (if you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine).
  3. Voucher for Auto Centrum Manhattan’s car services: car wash for 1 zloty or 50% discount for tyre services (you need to schedule both services by calling at the number (+48) 515 102 715.)
  4. Voucher for washing or ironing a shirt for 1 zloty in the laundry „Tu pralnia ekologiczna” („Here’s an environmentally friendly laundry”) .
  5. A free test checking the level of fat, water, bones or weight on special Tanita scales at the Medicover Centre in Gdansk – password: Distinguished Volunteer Blood Donor

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 9 of the (Polish) Act on Public Blood Service of 22nd August 1997 people who donate blood are entitled to have a leave from work on the same day they donate blood.

People with 0 Rh- (minus) and B Rh- (minus) blood types will be be given a priority in the waiting queue because there’s a big need for these blood types in Blood Banks. Statistically, 60 people can enter one ambulance; approximately 35÷45 of them donate blood. We hope for a big turnout, just as last time (see Table 1).

During the previous blood drive event on 25th August 2015 we collected over 39 litres of blood in total.

In our everyday life (concerning family and friends) we may encounter situations when there is a need for a blood transfusion. The need is obvious… only willingness is to be decided on.

We cordially invite you to donate blood because „We like to help… and to be a Donor is a great honour….”

The Kropelka Energii Team with Partners


Partners of Kropelka Energii
ENERGA SA [ a joint stock company]
Olivia Business Centre
Hilan Sp. z o. o.
„Lobster” Restaurant
Starbucks OBC, Gdansk
„Medicover” Medical Centre
Sopot Voluntary Water Emergency Rescue
Auto Centrum Manhattan
„Tu pralnia ekologiczna” laundry
KOKU Sushi

Social partners
Energa non-profit
Medicover non-profit

Media partners
Emisja [Emission] – corporate magazine of GK Energa
Communication Office Team of Energa/Intranet
Academic Quaterly of Energy Engineers „Acta Energetica”

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