Welcome to Summer on the Patio! This time: just relax!

Of course, we are not afraid of winds and storms, but… we move Summer to the Patio from the patio to the lobby of Olivia Star❗❗❗
Since tomorrow it is supposed to thunder, rain, rain and pour, we invite you to come under the roof. We are open from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The program remains the same (well, maybe it will be a bit more acoustic)


In a moment, on Thursday, August 19, another unforgettable Summer on the Patio! This time we focus on complete relaxation!


  • positive emotions,
  • good live music,
  • great fun,
  • nice chillout vibe:)
  • ice cream (for those who have the My Olivia app… FOR FREE!)

We guarantee a lot of attractions! Who are we seeing? A short plan below.

  • We start at 11:00 a.m. (there’s nothing like eating a delicious ice cream on a comfortable deckchair, with good music in the background).
  • A large portion of artisanal ice cream is 4 zloty.
  • To get an ice cream for free (!!) just show at the stand that you are the lucky owner of the MY OLIVIA app ( you can download it here: DOWNLOAD FROM APP STORE; DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLE PLAY).
  • Magda Gabriel and Patryk Listewnik as well as Filip Fiebiger will play continuously
  • We finish at 14:00.


Time to relax

Patio Summer 2021

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