Virtual Office – 5 advantages for your company

CAre virtual offices worth it? What is a virtual office? Can any business have a virtual address? Why create a virtual address? If you sometimes ask yourself such questions, then this short tour of virtual offices is for you. We already answer what it is all about and why it is worth considering having a virtual company address in a prestigious location: which is undoubtedly Olivia Business Centre and the O4 Coworking operating in it.

1. A business address that matters!

Every entrepreneur setting up a business must give it an address. Usually, we don’t dwell on this topic any longer and give our company a home address – after all, it’s just an address! Is this really the case? Not quite. Security issues aside (it’s very easy for anyone to see where you live), your business address can make a huge difference to a potential customer!

Think about it – what looks more professional? A company in block 34 in staircase B, or an address in a prestigious business center?

Check out: Virtual Office in Olivia Business Centre, Gdańsk

2. Save time and money!

Virtual offices are not just an address – they are handling incoming correspondence, storing documents, managing shipments, the ability to use a printer or scanner, conference rooms. You save your precious time, take the hassle off your shoulders and save real money. The cost of a virtual office is not even 1/4 of the minimum wage of an employee you would have to hire to handle your documents. Save money with a virtual office!

3. You don’t have to worry about anything

This virtual office will take care of the smallest details to ensure smooth and immediate communication – you don’t have to worry about anything! Communication via SMS? Do you prefer emails? You choose, and O4 Coworking guarantees a reliable flow of information. Your documents are stored in electronic form, you can access them wherever and whenever you want. Your “offline” mail will wait for you for up to 3 months. Yes, yes, there is nothing to worry about, because each virtual office at O4 Coworking has its own private post office box, which ensures the privacy and security of your correspondence.

4. Flexible choice

You choose what you need, for as long as you want. Virtual office packages are tailor-made – it’s up to you to decide which option is best for you. And if something is missing in a given package, then… O4 Coworking is open to your needs! A virtual office address may or may not be directly linked to your business location. Having the headquarters of your company in Warsaw, Krakow or Prague, you can create a low-cost branch in the prestigious Tri-City business center – Olivia Business Centre!

5. A virtual office is a good solution for everyone!

For freelancers, for startups, for small, medium and large companies! The basic service of a virtual office is an address that is used to register a company and handle correspondence. With a virtual address, you simply grow your business and have a chance to have the business address you dream of! Forget about giving your home address as the address of your company, invest in an address in the prestigious Olivia Business Centre, because such things only with O4 Coworking 🙂

Access to the Virtual Office – also from this service page.

With such possibilities, it’s a shame not to give it a try. So what are you waiting for? Our virtual office may be perfect for you. Check out what options await you 🙂

Do you have any questions? Let Monika know – she’ll answer everything! Monika.Reut@oliviacentre.com
+48 533-309-375

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