Training with Tony Buzan – Mind Mapping as a Way to Business Success

The JMP Foundation, which is the organizer of the nationwide Festival of Innovative Education in Gdańsk, cordially invites you to a unique training with the participation of a special guest, Prof. Tony Buzan. The training will take place on 25 April 2017 at Olivia Business Centre, tickets are already on sale. All proceeds will be used to purchase entry cards for children for FIFE 2017.

150 people will be able to take part in this one-day (8h) training. It is addressed to the Residents of Olivia Business Centre. The main goal is to learn the principles of Mind Mapping and acquire the ability to apply them in business.

Benefits for participants:

  • increasing one’s own efficiency, creativity, work organization, teamwork skills
  • learning methods and techniques of generating ideas, making optimal decisions
  • practical application of Mind Mapping m.in. meetings, negotiations, teamwork, presentations
  • effective management of the team, projects, information in the company, breaking thought patterns

The special guest of the training will be one of the world’s greatest authorities in the field of brain and learning techniques DownloadedTony Buzan. He is a consultant to government agencies and international corporations (m.in. General Motors, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Walt Disney). Founder of Brain Trust Charity, Use Your Head/Brain Clubs, President of the Mind Sports Council. He is also the creator of the Memoriada (World Memorization Championship), the World Speed Reading Championship, and the co-creator of the Mind Games Olympiad. For many years he edited the “International Journal of MENSA” – a journal of the international association of people with a high IQ. He regularly gives lectures for the largest companies and prestigious universities. She devotes a large part of her work to people with learning disabilities. She constantly cooperates with coaches and Olympic athletes. He has written more than 82 books, and is the creator of the concept of mind maps, radiant thinking, and the ability to use the mind.

Available price variants:

  • 1500 PLN (net)/per person – when registering up to 15 employees
  • 1300 PLN (net)/per person – when reporting 16-25 employees
  • 1000 PLN (net)/per person – 26-35 employees

How do I sign up for the training?

  • indicate the number of employees and choose the appropriate package
  • purchase entry cards for the training on the www.fie.edu.pl website

More information about the event can be found on the fanimani.pl website.

We cordially invite you!

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