The first trees planted in Olivia Garden!

At the Olivia Business Centre, the largest business centre in Poland, a year-round garden called Olivia Garden is being built. The first tropical tree has just been planted. Throughout the garden, there are thousands of plants representing over 150 different species.

The newly prepared space includes not only plants, but also places to rest and food outlets. The aim is to provide a unique place for relaxation, but also to stimulate creativity and create a space for less formal meetings. Accessible to everyone, especially the residents of the business centre, it will provide a constant possibility of communing with nature, irrespective of the weather.

It is a unique project on a Polish scale, created by the Malinowski Design Urban & Landscape studio, with the implementation was carried out by the Design Anatomy studio.

– We wanted to give the Residents of Olivia Business Centre spaces that will become their favorite places for private and business meetings, for everyday work, but also for relaxation and concentration surrounded by exotic vegetation. Nature has a great influence on human well-being, and our garden will be on hand regardless of the season. – says Krzysztof Król from Olivia Business Centre.

Olivia Garden was created in response to the needs of the residents of the business centre and for the residents of the Tri-City and tourists who since 2019 have been visiting restaurants, a conference centre and an observation deck, located on the top floors of Olivia Star – the highest office building in northern Poland, which is part of Olivia Business Centre.

The implementation of the concept required the involvement of not only architects, but also an interdisciplinary team of specialists, sociologists, psychologists and botanists, consulting solutions with Olivia Business Centre Residents.

– Olivia Garden is part of the well-being project that has been implemented for years at the Olivia Business Centre. – says Krzysztof Król. In the summer, Resident meetings are held on the patio, sports events that are very popular are held, and exhibitions of paintings, photographs and sculptures are organized. Olivia is a strong and active community that has proven its worth more than once. After lifting of restrictions, the garden will be open to the public and we will be happy to welcome all interested guests there, so that they too can feel good here – adds Krzysztof Król.

Follow what’s happening in the garden, here

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