The first meeting of the HRBP Club in Olivia in 2019 is behind us

The first meeting of the HRBP Club, operating at Olivia, is behind us. The main theme: “Scenarios of the future – priorities for the coming months and market signals”. During the event, m.in was presented. Results of research on the employee of the future, conducted by the Infuture Hatalska Foresight Institute, from an unpublished report by the institute.

We started the year with a conversation about the future ,” says Małgorzata Gwozdz, HR Director at Olivia Business Centre. ” We got to know the trends, the more futuristic ones, and we talked about the real challenges we face here and now. An important point of each of our meetings is a case study. This time, Bayer shared its experience, discussing innovative solutions in the field of “feedback” and mutual appreciation.

The results of the above-mentioned study were presented by Aleksandra Chołody-Trapp; Head of Research at infuture hatalska foresight institute. Bayer was represented by Aleksandra Peszek, HR Business Partner at Bayer Service Center Gdańsk.

The debate entitled “Is HR going to be tested for business usefulness?” was attended by experienced managers from dynamically developing companies. Among the speakers were: Ewa Latkowska; Country HR Director Poland/ Regional HRBP Flecstronix; Askaniusz Savitsky; HR Director at Ricoh Poland; Remigiusz Wojciechowski; Head of Bayer Service Center Gdansk; Dawid Ciechanowicz; Change manager. Organizational transformation consultant at Arrow Electronics.

– During the presentations and behind the scenes, there were lively discussions, which undoubtedly indicates a good atmosphere of the meeting, but above all the need to exchange observations, experiences and ideas among the heads and experts of HR departments and entrepreneurs. We are planning a few more meetings in 2019. We are going to slightly change their formula and move towards workshops, the need for which is declared by the members of the HRBP Club – adds Małgorzata Gwozdz.

Partners of the event:
Training Designers, HR Solutions and BCC Gdańsk Lodge.

The mission of the HRBP Club is to support its members in shaping the highest standards of work and HR competences in the era of digitization based on modern solutions and trends, and our goal is to create a space for conversations, exchange of professional experience and international knowledge.


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