Sii will spend 300 000 PLN on the development of passions of its employees

A trip around the world, extreme high-mountain climbing, a shot of adrenaline on the race track for the money of your employer? Impossible? Think again! A Polish IT company will spend 300 000 PLN for the development of passions of its workers.

Sii, one of the biggest IT and engineering companies in Poland, will allocate 300 000 PLN in a year for sponsoring the passions of hired engineers. Enthusiasts of technology, sports but also artistic talents on the team can count on financial support. The employer appreciates its employees for their expert knowledge, engagement but also unique personalities. Each person who is passionate, persistent in pursuing their goals and has the ability to inspire others can be sponsored.

Sports cards and private healthcare is not enough – get to know the new dimension of benefits for programmers

When it comes to offered work conditions in IT, Sii is known for standing out from the crowd. The Best Place to Work in IT according to Computerworld or Great Place to Work – prestigious awards for top employers, which Sii has received many times, seem to confirm this truth. Then, what is the recipe for the company’s success? Except for stable work conditions and a wide range of technological projects, which are carried out across the world – Sii wants to focus on unique benefits. The company has been investing in advanced training programs for engineers, and providing them with industry certificates for years. It also has a well-developed benefit system. The information about Sii’s office, equipped with a slide, climbing wall and many unusual attractions, worthy of Google, bounced wide coverage. Yet, this is only the beginning of what Sii is planning.

300 000 PLN goes to employees for the sponsorship of passions

By the decision of CEO Gregoire Nitot, as much as 300 000 PLN will go to the employees for developing their hobbies and interests – Passion for Technology – the motto of the company, highlights our key value – passion, especially for IT, but not only. This is also our approach in everyday work, which has accompanied us from the start of Sii’s existence and is inscribed in our DNA. Technology is a basis of Sii’s operation – it is our great passion, but side by side with it are our employees and their needs. Our mission is Power People – we care for the contentment and satisfaction of the persons working for Sii. The passions sponsoring program simply combines the elements which are the most important to us. So I give this money to our Power People with the thought in mind, that they will have the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

Reaching even the highest peaks is suddenly possible

The current beneficiaries of the program are a proof of the variety of projects that can be sponsored – they have just received the first 50 000 PLN. There is one thing they all have in common– they live with passion and develop professionally at Sii. Michał, Tests and Analyses engineer at Sii Gdańsk, has experienced for himself that “perseverance lets you aim high” – I have been planning the expedition for some time. It is, among others, thanks to my company’s support that I could reach the peak of my dreams – says Michał. In 2017, thanks to the sponsorship, he could go to Denali – the highest peak of North America. As he says, climbing is to him a battle with his weaknesses, as he used to have a fear of heights. In everyday life he is a software tester. He writes and analyzes tests using i.a. Repo Tool or the Google Test framework.

Passion Drives Power People – one motto, many ideas

Among Sii experts you will find a few athletes. One of them is Arthur, marathon runner and olympian, and in everyday life, software engineer. After hours, he shares his passion with his colleagues and carries out running trainings for other employees and everyone interested. Kamil from Katowice is a fan of cycling and a Team Leader. Michał from Cracow is a fan of free diving, that is diving without the use of any diving equipment. In the company we also have people passionate about music – Grzesiek, a DJ and the creator and organizer of the Bassriver festival. At Sii he is a Release Manager. We also have enthusiasts of adrenaline and extreme experiences – Łukasz, Junior system administrator, participates in car races, and his namesake – a software engineer took a tour of South America on a motorbike – today he is already planning an new expedition.

Football, basketball, mountain climbing or maybe salsa as one of our interest groups? We are saying yes!

Sii experts create internal interest groups, which are also financed by the employer. In the entire company, there are in total 47 interest groups. Among them: volleyball, basketball and football teams, board games and salsa groups, as well as a film group and many more. All of them, together with the history of the beneficiaries of the passions sponsorship program create an image of Sii, as an IT environment which is versatile and full of interesting people. Every edition of the project brings surprises – each one lets Sii employees get to know each other from a new perspective. This is only the beginning of the list of persons with passion, as the company is recruiting for the next edition of the program. Soon, new employees will be selected and will join the ones that have already benefited from the company’s sponsorship.

What kind of company is Sii?

Sii employs 3000 IT experts, who work in 8 branches of the company, in: Warsaw, Cracow, Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Lublin, Łódź and Katowice. They carry out projects for more than 200 clients from the banking & finance, insurance, telecommunications, Hi-Tech, energy and industrial sectors around the world. Sii supports clients in the area of consulting, analyses and tests, software development, infrastructure management, integration and management of systems and industrial engineering. What is more, it is the fastest developing IT company in Poland. This is confirmed by record high financial results. The company is a many-time awardee of prestigious plebiscites for the best employers. It is the Best Place to Work in IT according to the Computerworld ranking and a three time laureate of the international Great Place to Work ranking. Find out more about work at Sii and the passions sponsorship program at www.kariera.sii.pl/en.

Sii, an IT expert and engineering services leader, has been developing in Gdańsk for the past 10 years. Currently, there are almost 800 people employed in the company’s Tricity office and all of them are full of passion. In Sii Gdańsk there are many active interest groups, such as football, basketball, squash, cuban salsa, building a racing simulator, board games and many others. The company also supports many other ways of spending free time – Sii employees may represent their employer in runs and races.

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