Shiny Classic Meeting V6 | Olivia Classic

This has never happened in Olivia before! We invite you to a meeting of car enthusiasts from a bygone era! It won’t take long, so it’s all the more worth visiting Olivia at 7:00 p.m. to see and touch the automotive classics.


What will you be able to see up close?

  • The C Olivia car park will be used by cars whose production began before 1989.
  • Broadly understood “demoludes” – vehicles of our domestic production and those produced “behind the Iron Curtain”.
  • Cars that do not appear on the street on a daily basis. Unique, rare, exotic.


The meeting is an opportunity to “kick in the tire”, see cars up close that you don’t meet every day, you will also be able to talk to vehicle owners and, of course, take a few photos on social media.


Cars visiting the rallies are veterans of the roads, the owners do not think about burning rubber, shooting exhausts or other rude antics. However, they will be happy to talk about their passion, and who knows, maybe they will even let you sit behind the wheel?








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