Santa Claus bauble painting workshop in Olivia Star

Christmas is fast approaching, and with it a lot of olive attractions for the youngest. Here’s the first Christmas and Santa Claus surprise: BAUBLE PAINTING WORKSHOP ON THE 32ND FLOOR OF OLIVIA STAR. Such decorations, decorated together with mom, dad, grandpa or grandma, look the most beautiful on the Christmas tree, don’t they?:)

We cordially invite you, Dear Residents, on December 5th.

You sign up for a specific time

  • 12:00
  • 13:00
  • 14:00
  • 15:00
  • 16:00

How do I sign up?

All you need to do is send an e-mail to the address taras@oliviastar.pl with an indication of theselected time and information about the number of workshop participants (e.g. two children and an adult = 3 people; two children and an adult, of which the adult does not take part in the classes, but relaxes with an excellent coffee, admiring the view from the 32nd floor = 2)

Age of participants

Children from 7 years of age can take part in the workshop on their own, but they come to the workshop with a guardian. Younger offspring take part in the workshop under the supervision of an adult.

What’s ahead?

Painting the bauble with Kashubian patterns (under the supervision of an artist from Kashubia!) and decorating it with glitter. Each participant takes their work home (it can’t be any other way!)

Residents and their families are admitted free of charge. All they have to do is show the My Olivia TOP application at the Olivia Star TOP reception.

Other highlights of the day:

  • A visit from Santa Claus
  • Under Snowflake’s care:
      • Creating the longest Santa Claus chain
      • Writing the longest letter to Santa Claus
      • Molding Santa Claus from plastic mass
      • Surprises from Santa’s sack
      • Throwing a coloured bauble at the target


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