Psychology is OK!

We will talk about the psyche zone and the facts and myths related to it with psychologist Sylwia Barsow. The online meeting, which will take place on October 15, will be hosted by Dominika Rossa from O4 Flow.

Therefore, we cordially invite you to the first meeting with Sylwia Barsow , an expert in the field of clinical psychology, professionally associated with the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk for 19 years. We will confirm the facts. We will debunk myths. We will break the patterns, explain, give hints… Yes, psychology is ok and it’s for everyone.

15.10 | 12:30 | OLIVIA’S FACEBOOK


It is perfect for sports (let’s recall the excellent sports psychologists) and business, in personal and professional relationships, in contacts with family and co-workers. When we are facing a great challenge and when we need support on a daily basis. So what can I turn to a psychologist with? How, when and if at all can a psychologist help me?


Do your knee hurt? Is he tearing in the cross? A broken finger? Flu? We don’t hesitate, we go to the doctor. So why do we procrastinate when it comes to our psyche? A few words about the fact that a psychologist is a specialist.


Yes. Psychology is a self-contained science that falls under both the social sciences and the humanities. It is not based on easily refuted subjective surveys. Anthropology, sociology, medicine and neurobiology are valuable sources from which he draws. Have you ever wondered what it has to do with… new technologies?

If we manage to demystify psychology during the first meeting and you decide that you would like to meet our Expert in person, we will help you with that, because Olivia will soon be staffed by none other than Sylwia Barsow. Do you want us to organize another webinar on a specific topic? Let us know what you’re interested in? komunikacja@oliviacentre.com

Sylwia Barsow – a specialist in clinical psychology, professionally associated with the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk for 19 years. Currently, he is the Head of the Independent Team of Psychologists and a lecturer at the Medical University of Gdańsk. A graduate of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Gdańsk and the Kozminski University in Warsaw; Professional Coaching. PhD student at the Medical University of Lublin – specialization: clinical psychology. Currently in the process of certification of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy by the Polish Society for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy. Specialist in clinical psychology and certified psycho-oncologist, certified supervisor and board member of the Polish Psycho-Oncological Society. Member of the Polish Psychological Association. For 19 years, she has been conducting clinical and workshop practice on many levels of psychological problems and conducts individual sessions with staff at all levels. A specialist in preventing burnout, communication and interpersonal relations. Co-author of many international projects, m.in cooperation with The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Fund based in the USA, as well as national in the field of implementing quality of life improvement, burnout, introducing standards of psychologist’s work and practical application in many life modalities. He publishes numerous expert opinions and analyses of psychological profiles for state offices and institutions. I regularly supervise my work.

Dominika Rossa , head of O4 Flow, a coworking space dedicated to women at Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk, entrepreneur and scientist. Founder of the Mystoria voice and speech studio, where she teaches how to speak and speak clearly, confidently, cleanly, melodiously. Owner of the Umbrelka marketing agency, whose clients include m.in. L’Oreal Group, Toyota Motor Poland, Coty, Spectrum Brands, WOŚP, WWF and Flower of Femininity. She has been involved in interpersonal and marketing communication for eighteen years. A graduate of the University of Warsaw, the Warsaw School of Economics and SWPS University. Currently, she is a PhD student at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Psychology at the SWPS University in Warsaw. As part of her doctoral dissertation, she conducts research on narratives in the context of effectiveness in achieving goals. She also gained experience and knowledge on the international market, m.in. at S.H.A.P.E. – a base of the united forces of NATO forces in Belgium and in the United Kingdom, as a finalist of the British Council and the British Embassy’s Young Creative Entrepreneur competition. She is a co-organizer of the Polish celebration of the World Voice Day and a member of the Society of Friends of the Polish Language. He lectures on entrepreneurship psychology at the USWPS in Warsaw, and also teaches at the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk. She conducts numerous workshops in the field of communication, public speaking, time management and teamwork. She is a mentor in international acceleration programs: Poland Prize/Space3ac and European Coworkings EOI.

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