Poland Prize powered by Space3ac in Olivia

Starting from February 2019, startups from all over the world will spend 3 months at Olivia Business Centre solving interesting business challenges defined by the Port of Gdansk, PZU Lab, LPP, Pekabex and Olivia Business Centre. All thanks to the Poland Prize program, financed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Representatives of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the Poland Prize Space3ac accelerator and Corporate Partners were present at the olivia Business Centre, i.e. Olivia Business Centre, Pekabex, the Port of Gdansk Authority and PZU Lab, as well as local entrepreneurs, OBC residents and representatives of local administration and institutions supporting the program, will also appear.

The documents were signed by Łukasz Greinke, President of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA and Marcin Osowski, Vice-President of the Management Board for Infrastructure; Maciej Grabski, President of the Management Board of Olivia Business Centre; Beata Żaczek, Vice-President of Pekabex S.A.; Jacek Kujawa, Vice-President of the Management Board of LPP; Dariusz Gołębiewski, Vice-President of the Management Board of PZU LAB SA, Adam Korybut-Kotulewski, Legal Manager at Blue Dot Solutions Ltd. and Maciej Mickiewicz, Board Member COO at Blue Dot Solutions. The meeting was opened by Wojciech Drewczyński, one of the originators of Space3ac.

Poland Prize is a program encouraging foreign start-ups to start operating in Poland. Its aim is to effectively include foreign entrepreneurs in the Polish startup ecosystem. Of course , our O4 Coworking is part of this project:)

Poland Prize is also part of the Start in Poland program, which creates conditions for the development of start-ups in Poland at every stage – from the incubation phase, through development, to foreign expansion. The Poland Prize will give similar opportunities to the best startups from abroad. The potential for the development of startups in Poland is significant. In 2023 They are expected to generate up to PLN 2.2 billion, and the number of jobs created thanks to them is expected to reach over 50 thousand1.

More about Poland Prize


1Deloitte Diagnosis of the start-up ecosystem in Poland

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