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Practice and exchange of experience is the first step on the way to the broadly understood integration of Human Resources specialists. Małgorzata Gwozdz, HR Director at Olivia Business Centre, co-originator of the HR Club, talks about the change in the role of HR, the employee’s market, a modern approach to competences and creative meetings in the HR Business Partner Club.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea behind the creation of the Club is the actual role of HR. I am concerned to see reports that clearly show the change that Human Resource areas are making.

What do Human Resources departments do?

Human Resources (HR) has degraded slightly, relegating to recruitment and administration. They are no longer strategic, which is why the idea of the HRBP Club is to strengthen competences and launch joint thinking on how to shape the labour market. Personally, I think that the employee era is about too many inflated benefits and focusing only on rewards. There is less thinking about what is good for both the employee and the company in the long run.

We are dealing with an employee’s market.

The era of the employee will come to an end. After all, HR is responsible for many other processes, such as shaping these people and their development paths. I hope that integration around the Club, exchange of practices, and mutual learning should contribute to the creation of an opinion-forming environment.

Conclusions from the autopsy?

My role is to integrate the entire environment in Olivia Business Centre. Hence the idea to go out with the idea of the Club to the companies that reside with us. I am glad because, on the other hand, we have managed to expand the scale of the initiative. At the moment, we have more than 60 people on the list of participants, most of whom come to us from outside.

What do the meetings look like in practice?

The Club’s meeting takes place in a resident company. This time we will host Agata Witczak, a successful HR specialist, who will present her original method created for Thomson Reuters. He will explain how to deal with feedback to an employee and discuss a modern approach to competency assessment.

A strong debut of the HRBP Club?

The first little meeting took place in June. We hosted Perry Timms, a top HR influencer from the UK, who talked about his vision for HR development. In the background of the Club, there is a commercial program that we do together with consulting companies. In response to the needs of the industry, they create the opportunity to purchase the “HR Transformation” course, which is to improve competences and prepare for market challenges. The Club itself is not commercial, I really hope that it will become opinion-forming for the community and thanks to it good practices or integration will be created, which is conducive to development.


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