Olivia Cooltura invites you to a meeting with Paweł Tkaczyk, “Narratology, or how to create fascinating marketing stories”.

“Narratology” takes you on a fascinating journey into the world of storytelling. We’ll start with the inside of your head… You’ll learn why stories have such an impact on you and other people. Where did they come from? What are they for? When do they work better, when do they work worse? Why do they work at all? How to construct those that have a greater impact on the listener than others.

Stories have their own rules that affect how people react to one narrative or another. Do you want to know them?

What about the form? Today’s campfire stories can only frighten children (and not all of them). Technology has given us new, unprecedented forms of narration that evoke more emotion than a standard film in the cinema. Want to find out where the stories are going?

Date and place: 19 May 2017, 5.00 p.m., Olivia Sky Club, Olivia Business Centre

The meeting will be moderated by Monika Bogdanowicz (Olivia Business Centre)

Admission is free, but due to the limited number of seats, please register. Registration address: events@oliviacentre.com

The author of “Narratology” introduces himself to us in this way:

“Hi, my name is Pawel Tkaczyk and I tell stories for a living. I’d like to tell you how you buy things. Sometimes, as in the case of milk, you may want something that can simply be poured into your coffee or bowl of morning cereal. But when you’re standing in front of a shelf in a store that has ten, twenty types of milk on it, which one are you going to choose? What goes on in your head just before you reach for any of the cartons or bottles? When you have a choice of ten products that are de facto the same (one milk is no different from another), cost more or less the same, and are equally available (after all, they are all on the shelf in front of you), you stop thinking about the product itself and start considering its history. Advertisers have noticed this a long time ago, and instead of urging you to buy milk, they talk about how happy the cows are who give it.

Imagine that someone has offered you a job at a new company. What do you do to help yourself decide? You are looking for a story about this company.

How do you choose a book? You judge by the cover, by your friends’ opinions of the book, or by the reputation of the author…

Each of these forms is a mini-story. And I build strong brands professionally. Stories became a natural companion and then an indispensable element of my work.

I started to explore them and learned a lot…”

Olivia Cooltura is an interdisciplinary project of Olivia Business Centre, dedicated to the promotion and popularization of culture in its entirety. We want to gather people interested in artistic and cultural events around Olivia Business Centre. Residents of OBC, residents of Oliwa and, more broadly, the entire metropolis. To integrate our community, build and develop relationships. Every year, more than 300 events are held at OBC, some of which are open to all residents of the Tri-City.


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