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the Gala – Evening of Pomeranian Employers

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to the annual meeting of Pomeranian business environment called the Gala – Evening of Pomeranian Employers, which will be held on January 26, 2018 at 7:00 pm in AMBER EXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre in Gdańsk. During the event, winners will be awarded, among other prizes, with statuettes and distinctions in “Pomeranian Employer of the Year 2017” competition, as well as special awards such as “Golden Oxer” and “Primum Cooperatio”.

The Gala – Evening of Pomeranian Employers is a unique event held for many years and dedicated to Pomeranian business environment. Companies, which are awarded with the title and statuette of “Pomeranian Employer of the Year” during the gala, are industry leaders in Pomeranian business, which generate good financial and economic results and are able to recognise the potential of their employees, ensure them adequate working conditions and opportunities for effective development.

“Golden Oxer” business award was prepared for the owner of a company, which was established after 1989, achieved market success and became the pride of the region. On the other hand, “Primum Cooperatio” award will be granted to a scientist, who understands the needs of economy and actively, with the help of their creative thought and experience, has been supporting the implementation of innovative solutions in the economy.

At the Gala, there will appear more than 700 representatives of companies and institutions from business environment, members of parliament, representatives of public authorities, local government authorities, as well as from the world of culture and media.

Our special guest will be an outstanding actor, Prof. Jerzy Stuhr, and his latest book Moje dragoni na dobre i złe will be a gift for the participants. One day later on January 27, Prof. Jerzy Stuhr will perform in Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre in a monodrama entitled “Kontrabasist”, which was prepared, among others, for the participants of the Gala.

We warmly invite you to express your will to participate in the Evening Gala and encourage you to invite to the tables your contractors, important clients, co-workers and representatives of bodies and institutions, with which you cooperate. The event will create a unique atmosphere, which will make it possible to spend pleasant time over dinner, with music and dancing.

Given the need to take the necessary organisational measures, we would be grateful if you sent your registration form to the office of “The Employers of Pomerania” until 31.12.2017 at the latest. The price of an invitation for one person is 330 zlotys net (it includes participation in the gala, gala dinner and carnival party). Organisational office will be issuing VAT invoices for the companies (pro forma). Paying the invoice will authorise to receive access cards.

Attention! Timely payment is a precondition of participation in the gala.

Registration form:


More information can be found on “The Employers of Pomerania” website and the website dedicated to the Competition and the Evening Gala:



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