Olivia Art: 12 paintings/ Veronica Macedońska

We would like to invite you to the seventh exhibition of our Olivia Art series! This time, in the lobby of the prestigious Olivia Star, we present the works of the talented Weronika Macedońska, who works at Bayer Service Center Gdańsk. The exhibition, which we highly recommend, was prepared by the entire Weronika Family. Thank you!

Eleanor was right – she never looked pretty.
looked like a work of art, and art can’t just
be pretty – art has to evoke emotions.
Rainbow Rowell

We give the floor to the Artist herself!

“I hope that my works evoke emotions in you, especially a feeling of happiness and joy. I’ve always loved the process of painting, an effect that stays with me for years. To this day, I still have my more than twenty-year-old sketches, but my life went in a completely different direction. The crayons and the brush had been lying deep in the closet for years. After high school, I left my hometown of Bytów to study in Gdańsk (not related to painting). Then there was the wedding, the first child, the second child, the third child, the cat, the dog and all the time the professional work. It wasn’t until I was on parental leave, with my youngest son, that I dug out brushes and paints… That was two years ago, in July 2019. And so, little by little, I started painting as a hobby… and read about painting techniques.

I paint mainly in the evenings, after work, after children’s extracurricular activities, after shopping, etc. This is a moment for me.

I encourage young mothers to find time for themselves in the rush of everyday life.

happy Mom = happy Family.”

Communing with art is enriching. Contact with it is conducive to the development of our cognitive abilities, and not only creativity – which may seem obvious – but also memory and associative operations. We invite you to Olivia Star. Admission!

Do you want to order Veronica’s unique work? Contact the Artist.


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