Olivia Art. 12 paintings/ Jakub Kukuryk

We are happy to invite you to the eighth exhibition of our Olivia Art cycle. This time, we will present unique works by Jakub Kukuryk who combines the artistic passion with his profession – Kuba is a programmer and a graphic designer.

JavaScript Art

The idea of a series of images created with the use of the JavaScript code emerged accidentally. While learning about the construction of games based on a HTML canvas, Jakub Kukuryk encountered a lecture by Matt DesLauriers and his works inspired Jakub’s artistic experiments.

A grid of points filling the entire area is the basis for each work. Their coordinates make it possible to place basic shapes in the image: circles or polygons. Random elements are added to each shape (changed colour or transparency options, etc.), generating more and more interesting variations. An additional part includes a “brush trace pattern“. Instead of a homogenous figure put in the target point on the grid, the artist applies the shape multiplication effect with a shift. This final effect consists of the original style of drawing lines generating a square. These are not straight sections connecting points A and B but rather polygonal chains. To give the variations a more natural and less machine appearance, the artist uses the gradient noise generating algorithm called the Perlin noise.

3D World

Jakub Kukuryk has been creating 3-D graphic images for more than 10 years. It is the passion in which the artist finds elements of arts that have always fired his imagination: photography, sculpting, architecture… Kukuryk creates in the Blender program, using the Cycles rendering engine. Using simple models, he strives to tell a story the beginning or the end of which we can only guess.

Jakub created the “Baby robot” and the “Sea monster” for the CG Boost Challenge competition and the latter was shortlisted for the finals.

Jakub Kukuryk about himself

I have been fascinated by computer graphics since childhood. I can remember the first computers displaying a simple 3D game on black-and-white monitors. I have been admiring visual effects exploding with new possibilities for years.

The appearance of the Macromedia Flash opened a new chapter for me. I was enchanted by the possibilities available at that time to create animations combined with programming and I quickly became a Web Developer. The Flash became obsolete with time, it was replaced with JavaScript, CSS and HTML…

I am a professional programmer and graphic designer. I was looking for a way to combine these two passions. Game development was the only and probably the most obvious idea. This direction led me to the creation of the works generated by code that are presented here. I am looking forward to doing business with you.

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