Oh, what a concert it was…

Bravura performances of the most beautiful duets from cult musicals filled the program of Saturday’s 10. already edition of Olivia Camerata – a series of chamber concerts at Olivia Sky Club. The large audience consists of several generations of chamber music lovers: from juniors to seniors. Everyone responded enthusiastically to the next tracks. After the concert there was a moment for meetings and conversations over coffee, which is always a chance to establish new relationships:) With Olivia Sky Club you could also, as always, admire the beautiful panorama of the Tri-City. This time it’s spring.

During the concert, you could hear a set of iconic musical songs:

  • A.L. Webber, “The Phantom of the Opera”, duet “So Much Please”
  • C. Schonberg, “Les Misérables”, “Stars”
  • L. Bernstein, “West side story”, “I feel pretty”
  • J. Bock, “Fiddler on the Roof”, Song by Tewie
  • J. Strauss, “Die Fledermaus”, “Adela’s Aria”
  • E. Kalman, “The Princess of Csárdás”, duet “Although there are plenty of girls in the world”
  • E. Kalman, “The Csárdás Princess”, “So Completely Without Girls”
  • E. Kalman, “The Princess of Csárdás”, duet “In the Rhythm of the Waltz”
  • E. Kalman, “The Princess of Csárdás”, Csárdás Silvi
  • J. Strauss, “The Gypsy Baron”, Zupan’s couplets
  • F. Lehar , “The Merry Widow”, duet of Hanna and Danila


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