National Career Week at Olivia Business Centre

Last week, a series of events took place in Olivia Business Centre as part of the National Career Week: 16-20 October 2017, organised in cooperation with the Talent Development Centre.

The National Career Week (OTK) is an annual activity organized by the Association of School and Career Counsellors of the Republic of Poland, aimed at inspiring national and local initiatives for the development of career guidance – career support, vocational education and work.

More about OTK: http://www.sdsiz.com.pl/aktualnosci/123,Ogolnopolski_Tydzien_Kariery_2017.html

The theme of this year’s National Career Week: I’m on the job market. My talents and my competences. The Talent Development Centre together with Olivia Business Centre has planned as many as 13 interesting events during the week, as well as exhibition entitled. Talent Gallery. Here are some:

  • Talent in the lead role, or a meeting with the rapper ARKADIO

The music project DO WHAT YOU LOVE is a social campaign aimed mainly at young people, whom she wants to encourage to make their own decisions in choosing their future jobs and fields of study in accordance with their talents and passions, and not the expectations of the environment, surveys or fashions. Arkadio believes that every person has talent and wants to convey that you can really do what you love in life, make a living from it, and thus be happy.

  • City game – “On the trail of the employer”. The event will be carried out in two stages:

Stage I – in the Talent Development Centre – dividing participants into groups according to their predispositions,

Stage II – on the premises of Olivia Business Centre – carrying out tasks aimed at noticing talents in action.

  • Workshop ” Competences of the 21st century CREATIVITY STOP”

Through creativity exercises, participants were able to learn techniques to help develop their personal creativity.

  • Workshop ” 3Z: see, ask, act test your competences in action”

Participants could learn what working with metaphor is all about, they will acquire the ability to work on personal and professional development. When setting goals, they will break stereotypes of thinking and go beyond mental calques.

  • Exhibition of works from the photography workshop ” With Passion about Passion”

The presented photographs were the result of a photo session “with passion about passion”. On 10-14 July 2017 photography workshops were held at the Talent Development Centre. The authors of the initiative are the Talent Development Centre and the Morena Association, the organiser of the European Voluntary Service programme in Gdańsk. Over the course of several months, CRT’s team of career counsellors worked intensively with young people to identify the potential that each of them could use in their future work. Some of these passions and skills can be easily depicted in a picture. This is how the idea of a photography workshop was born. The exhibition took place in the reception areas of the Olivia Business Centre. The works can be seen on the profile of the Talent Development Centre.

Thank you for your participation and involvement.

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