Mystery solved! Here are the winners!

If you had a razor-sharp mind and a quick hand, and an excellent support team, you could take part in our online adventure. Olivia’s Escape Room #1 is a bit of fun and a lot of fun. Introducing the winners! It took less than 26 minutes for the “ANCYMONOS” to save Christmas!

So, as you already know from the lead, the competition of the teams in the online game was won by a team under the nickname “Ancymony”! 24 teams took part in the competition – all of them showed their cunning and courage. The three teams that indicated the correct solution the fastest will receive prizes. To collect them, please send a message to: komunikacja@oliviacentre.com

Stay tuned for the next games, and in the meantime, check out the leaderboard here!
What was taken into account? Speed and number of points earned.


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