Meeting of the “Business Women’s Zone” in Olivia

Another business and networking meeting of the “Business Women’s Zone” community, dedicated to enterprising ladies from the Tri-City and the surrounding area, who run their own businesses and want to meet other entrepreneurial women and start real cooperation on various levels, is behind us. It was also the birthday of the community:)

Małgorzata Bellwon from Slim Factory talked about psycho-dietetic metabolism, analysing how and where dietetics collides with psychology and presenting truths and myths about motivation.

Joanna Suchocka from the Business Women’s Zone gave a lecture on “An engaged community around your business, or how to build a tribe of your brand?” You could find out m.in. This How important it is for our businesses to build a community interested in what we do, trusting us and our actions. Only such a community is willing to buy and recommend our services. Joanna has been successfully building the “tribe of her brand” for over 5 years and at the meeting she revealed what activities are the most effective in this process.

Monika Wyderka-Chodak from Alltidao, on the other hand, talked about how pprepare and implement our brand strategy. What actions should be taken at the beginning to adjust everything to you and the type of business you run. She pointed out what should not be missing in such a strategy, what period it should cover and what is the guarantee that we will achieve the assumed business goal.

The host of the event, O4 Coworking, was represented by Dominika Rossa, Head of Women’s Coworking.


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