Market Square in Oliwa: day 1

Olivia Business Centre is an integral part of the Oliwa District. We have just started a new project – we support the renovation and revival of the Market Square in Oliwa. We were there on Friday and we were there on Saturday (secured as it should be!). We will keep you informed about what’s going on there, we’ll show you how this amazing place is supposed to look like after the metamorphosis, we’ll show you who is behind it all:) Meanwhile, we are starting the (Prze)Budowa Diary – you can follow it on our FB page, and ultimately also here, on the website.


✔new furniture and tents appear on the Market Square

✔The pavilion was painted and refreshed

✔there is already a new information board about the New Market Square in Oliwa…

We also learned on Saturday that work is underway over the new layout of this place, hence the m.in. Wooden planters-borders:) Piotr Czyz from the City Initiative revealed to us that PROTOTYPING is important here. “We design temporary spatial layouts from elements that are easy to move or dismantle. Here, we used wooden pots and painted the new layout of the marketplace on the floor. We’ll be keeping an eye on it and making adjustments over the next few years. Then, in a few months, we will implement the project, taking into account the conclusions from prototyping. Work on the prototype system will be completed in the coming week. It is worth noting that the prototype chip already takes into account safety issues related to the coronavirus. The distances between the stalls have been increased, and the painted layout will give a clear indication to customers of how they should move around the market.”


Check out our mini-report:


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