Marek Looney Rybowski in Olivia Prime

Let’s start our short but concise story with Maciej Kotarski, Sales Director at Olivia Business Centre, who in an interview* with Dagmara Rybicka: “At Olivia Prime, we focused on nature, arranging the interior with wood, plants and furniture that you can sit on without fear. All the furnishings are close to modern everyday life, so the popular ivy and furniture from the doorstep do not give young people a sense of distance, there is no question of whether it is allowed to use them. Prime is all about joy, colour, art and an appetite for life. The art dimension is also following this path.”

Looney’s appetite for life

We present to you the first of several artists (of which you will find out soon) who filled the interiors of our office building with themselves and their works. Marek Looney Rybowski is a graffiti artist whose work has brought incredible energy, color, pace and, according to the building’s residents, a truly childlike joy to Prime. So there are murals on the walls where circus artists reign supreme, and of course there are also children, playing with lightness and innocence with whatever they happen to have at hand – a feather, a yo-yo, a ball. There are accompanying animals – a joyful dog, a curious cat… There are musicians, skaters and dancers. Energetic, spinning, disenchanting office corridors and halls. All this in cooperation with the Design Anatomy design studio in Olivia Business Centre, whose architects from the very beginning referred to Olivia Prime as “ART”, so they focused on playing with colours, playing with form, geometry taking us into the world of pop-art and the presence of modern art, the one close to every recipient.

So, who is behind it?

Marek Looney Rybowski is a co-founder of the first Tri-City group associating graffiti artists (DSC) and a member of the legendary EWC group. He has been painting since 1995. His works have been published in the following magazines: Dos Dedos, Concrete Magazine, Brain Damage, Note, Liderzy, Slide, Visual Communication. They can be seen primarily on the streets – also in Gdańsk, but also in individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. In 2008 graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. She paints on walls and canvases using spray, stencil and brushes. Before graffiti became Marek Rybowski’s way of life, he had a career in the hip-hop band Deluks. For the curious: the nickname Looney was suggested to Marek by a colleague: he came from the Looney Tunes cartoons and a flair for painting characters.

Last year, Olivia Prime hosted artistic workshops for children. Looney played the unusual role of a teacher to inspire young people to create works using sprays and paints. “The Great Painting with Looney” was one of the projects carried out by Olivia in connection with the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. See for yourself.

We recommend you to watch the interview with Marek Rybowski in trojmiasto.pl“The Man Who Coloured the Streets of Gdańsk”.


*”The future is about community creation, biophilic design and technology” https://www.oliviacentre.com/aktualnosci/przyszlosc-tworzenie-spolecznosci-biophilic-design-technologi/

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