#LaptopyDlaUczniów. Let’s work together!

You can never have too much good news (especially in these difficult times), so we are in a hurry to provide you with good news. #RazemMozemyWiecej, then… The first 12 computers were delivered on March 29 to our befriended Primary School No. 35 with Sports Classes in Gdańsk Oliwa. All thanks Deltamarin Ltd. Ltd., who donated all the equipment! We would like to thank Mrs. Jadwiga Sztelwander-Zięba , General Manager in the Company, Mr. Andrzej English from ITan, who took care of the technical settings of the computers and equipping them with components needed to work with Wi-Fi, and the OBC Social Worker, who inaugurated the campaign.

That’s not all! On Tuesday,
March 31
, another piece of equipment was delivered to the school. This time from our Resident, Thyssenkrupp, which donated as many as 15 HP laptops with Windows 10 . And this time we would like to thank you very much! It can’t be any other way! We would like to express our gratitude to the Board of Thyssenkrupp and Mr. Marek Kraska and Mr. Michal Fritza, who devoted many hours to organizing and preparing all the equipment.

We received another 4 laptops from private individuals (wow!), Mr. Wojtek Żółtowski, OBC Resident (2 pcs.), Mr. Marcin Lewandowski from Gdynia and Mr. and Mrs. Krzysztof and Beata Wiśniewski from Gdańsk. Thank you!

Thus, we have equipped our neighbour, SP 35, with
31 devices
. We are proud because children who have not been able to use remote learning so far will now be able to fully participate in classes.

On Friday, April 3rd, the Primary School No.
with Sports Departments in Gdańsk Oliwa received another “whizzing” laptops, this time
6 of them
. We would like to thank our Resident, the Energa Group , for donating them. Indeed, the project has #LaptopyDlaUczniow been and still is supported by the entire Good People Group.

We would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Magdalena Kit-Krawczyk , President of the Management Board of the Energa Foundation , and Ms. Sylwia Lewandowska, Vice President of the Management Board. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the initiator of the action – Mrs. Agnieszka Seweryn (a wonderful, steadfast social activist of OBC) and to the good spirits of the action: Mrs. Monika Wasilewska, Mrs. Katarzyna Gawrońska, Mrs. Alina Zakrzewska-Janiszewska and Mr. Mateusz Glanert, Mr. Marcin Janicki, Mr. Janusz Tracz, Mr. Damian Matulewski.

#RazemMozemyWiecej, then… Primary School No. 35 will support children in need from the neighbouring Primary School No. 23 in Oliwa!Director Małgorzata Skwira from Primary School 35 and Director Małgorzata Filipowicz from Primary School 23 joined forces. In Oliwa, we all help each other because #WartoPomagac.

It’s only been a few days and April

27 computers (wow!)
It will go to other children in need from Gdańsk schools. We would like to thank our next Resident, Acxiom Global Service Center Polska , for #LaptopyDlaUczniów! A big round of applause for the Management Board of Axciom and Ms. Katarzyna Sławecka, Mrs. Katarzyna Bartosiak-Korek and Mr. Mariusz Gruca. Mariusz spent many, many hours to prepare all this equipment. Check out the report…

The good spirits of the action are Mrs. Małgorzata Skwira , the Director of Primary School 35, Mrs. Magda Piskorska from Olivia’s Communication Department and Mr. Zygmunt Pilarek, an IT specialist at the primary school in Oliwa.

We are not ending the campaign, we will try to support more schools and more children in need.
Join us! Want to know more about the stock?
Do you have equipment to donate? Would your company like to help?
Write to Magda from the Communication Department:

You don’t have the equipment, but you would like to contribute to its purchase, take part in the public fundraiser, the originator of which is Mr. Dariusz Fudala.

Here you will find a link to the fundraiser

Find out how the action started #LaptopyDlaUczniów

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