Landscape seminar – how to effectively take care of the aesthetics of Polish towns?

We cordially invite you to the experts’ seminar titled “The landscape resolution. Between the legal regulation and local government practice” to be held on March 31, in the Olivia Sky Club (Olivia Tower building, 12th floor) at 11 a.m – 4:30 p.m. The organisers of the event are Metropolitan Institute and the University of Gdańsk. Olivia Business Centre is a partner of the seminar.

The landscape resolution – a new tool in Polish law to enable a commune to regulate the location of advertisements, small architecture and fences – still poses many problems. It is not only difficult to compile, but also raises legal doubts regarding, for instance, the procedure of its adoption and the scope of interference in proprietorship. That is why the Metropolitan Institute and the University of Gdańsk decided to organise a seminar aimed at resolving the above-mentioned doubts and indicating exemplary good practices. As a consequence, on March 31 in Olivia Tower in Gdańsk, the practitioners such as architects, urban planners, urban visual artists, clerks, and the theoreticians like lawyers and academicians will meet to discuss essential issues concerning the landscape regulation. The event has been divided into two expert panels. The first – practical one – will focus on presenting chosen landscape regulations, while the second panel – on more theoretical issues, that is construction and legal effects of this resolution – says Dominik Wilk, seminar’s coordinator. – The formula of the event is to combine two views on this new tool in Polish law, that is landscape resolution: practical and theoretical. That is why, everyone: both practitioners and didactics experts, who are interested in the subject will find something noteworthy for themselves. Furthermore, panellists come from the whole country, what broadens the scope of presented views – adds Jakub H. Szlachetko, PhD, President of the Council of Metropolitan Institute.

The programme of the seminar

The Metropolitan Institute is an expert organisation (think tank), which integrates the representatives of different scientific disciplines (law, administration, urban planning), as well as different professions (lawyers, clerks) and passions (social activists, volunteers). The mission of the Institute is to provide expertise, which is capable of unassisted carrying out of interdisciplinary research, creating public discourse, as well as close cooperation with public authorities.

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