Landscape seminar – how to effectively take care of the aesthetics of Polish cities?

We cordially invite you to an expert seminar entitled: “Landscape Resolution. Between legal regulation and local government practice”, which will take place on 31 March, from 11.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., in Olivia Sky Club (Olivia Tower building, 12th floor). The organizers of the event – the Metropolitan Institute and the University of Gdansk, Olivia Business Centre is a partner of the seminar.

The landscape resolution – a new tool in Polish law for the municipality to regulate the location of advertisements, street furniture and fences – still poses many problems. Not only is it difficult to prepare, but it also raises legal doubts, for example as to the procedure of enactment or the scope of interference with property rights. Therefore, the Metropolitan Institute and the University of Gdańsk decided to organize a seminar aimed at dispelling the indicated doubts and indicating practices worthy of imitation. And so, on 31 March, both practitioners: architects, urban planners, urban artists, officials, as well as theoreticians: lawyers and academics will meet in Olivia Tower in Gdańsk to discuss the key issues related to the landscape resolution. The event was divided into two expert panels. The first one, which is practical, will focus on the presentation of selected landscape resolutions, while the second one will focus on more theoretical issues, i.e. the structure and legal effects of this resolution – says Dominik Wilk, coordinator of the seminar. – The formula of the event is to combine two perspectives on the issue of a new instrument in Polish law, i.e. landscape resolution: practical and theoretical. Everyone: both practitioners and educators interested in the subject will find something for themselves. In addition, panelists will come from all over the country, which increases the range of perspectives presented – adds Jakub H. Szlachetko, PhD, Chairman of the Council of the Metropolitan Institute.

Seminar program

The Metropolitan Institute is an expert organization (think tank) integrating representatives of various scientific disciplines (law, administration, urban planning), as well as professions (lawyers, officials) and passions (social activists, volunteers). The mission of the Institute is to provide expert advice that is capable of independently conducting interdisciplinary research work, creating public discourse, as well as close cooperation with public authorities.

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