It’s time to start Thursday’s trips!

With a new year, a new step. We present to you the plan of Thursday trips in January. There will be no boredom!:) What is worth remembering?

  • We register for trips on the events website.
  • It’s worth following our FB groups to stay up to date, these are of course My Olivia and Olivia’s Expeditions

Here is a plan of action:

  • 06.01. – hike along the Zagórska Struga stream (daytime)

Exceptionally, due to the fact that next Thursday is free, we will go on a trip in the forest during the day.
The route will lead along one of the most beautiful streams of the Tri-City forests – Zagórska Struga.
We have approx. 20- 22 km of amazing hiking.
To sum up the day and start a new tourist season, we will light a bonfire and have a little feasting.

  • 13.01. – hiking between the streams of the Valley of Joy (evening)
  • 20.01. – hiking along the Duck Stream Valley (evening)
  • 27.01. – guided walk around the Gdansk Shipyard (evening)


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