HRBP Club in Olivia: about cultural diversity

The meeting of the HRBP Club, operating at Olivia Business Centre, is behind us. Together with the Provincial Labour Office in Gdańsk and with the participation of the Deputy Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Ryszard Świlski – who this time acted as a manager of several thousand employees from a non-business industry – we talked about cultural diversity, which is becoming an everyday reality for employers.

– The club’s philosophy is based on the need to integrate the HR environment in the Tri-City, create a common platform and improve competences. Currently, there are over 150 specialists from Tri-City companies in it. During each meeting, we provide inspiring knowledge and give an example of good HR practice from a specific company –Says Małgorzata Gwozdz, HR Club Chairwoman, HR Director at Olivia.

Participants learned about Hofstede’s research on: between organisational culture and national culture. The experience of working abroad – the differences and similarities of the labour market – was discussed by managers who have fulfilled their careers in other markets.

The next meeting, in June, will be a summary of the year of the HRBP Club’s activity. We invite you today.

We are partnered by HR Solutions Group, Training Designers, Business Centre Club – Gdańsk Lodge.

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