How do you make a ball of beautiful memories?

The Elven Institute of Christmas has developed a method that allows you to recall the most beautiful memories at any time! It’s a breakthrough discovery that we couldn’t keep to ourselves. See our workshop and find out this secret:)

In the preparation of this miracle we were helped by little helpers, Jacek and Ignacy (thank you!) See what you can prepare together with your children/A perfect gift for Grandma or Grandpa, for Dad or Mom.

At your disposal were, of course, magical Christmas boxes. It is from their contents that miracles are created, miracles! You received your first batch of boxes on December 9th during our Charity Christmas Fair. The boxes contain small items that will help you create beautiful, sparkling, festive snow globes in your homes. They’re easy to prepare, so be sure to check out our video!

If you don’t have a box, don’t worry! Here’s what to prepare. I’m sure you have some things at home. You can also make such balls as a family during the holidays, or even after them. It’s really quite a lot of fun:) Our video will be available all the time from December 21st.


  • jar with lid
  • waterproof glue (droplet, hot glue, etc.)
  • glitter/ artificial snow
  • glycerin (to buy at the pharmacy, you need about a tablespoon)
  • Figurine
  • ribbon (for decoration)
  • preferably boiled/distilled water
  • spoon for mixing


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