Festival (not) for jokes at the Lobster restaurant

We cordially invite you to the culinary festival of the Lobster restaurant on April 1-2 (Saturday, Sunday). On the occasion of April Fool’s Day, Lobster chef Jacek Lubawski in cooperation with the chef of the Eliksir restaurant Paweł Wątor and the chef of the Słowacki bistro Jacek Majcherek created as many as 12 surprising dishes. Creative combinations of ingredients, surprising names of dishes and joyfully low prices – the festival (not) for jokes at the Lobster Restaurant invites you to two evenings full of surprises.

What will be served during the two-day festival (not) for jokes?

JACEK LUBAWSKI (Lobster restaurant) – currently works as a chef at the Lobster restaurant. He gained his professional experience as a chef at Azur Restaurant (Ireland). He also worked in Vietnam. About the Pool Kitchen The Mediterranean, fish and seafood knows almost everything. She translates her unquenchable passion for cooking into practice in Lobster’s kitchen, where she creates creative dishes in new versions.
Menu prepared by Jacek Lubawski – available on Saturday and Sunday:

– lobster in orange | zł30.00
– crispy mussels | zł15.00

Main courses
– Butter cobia on stones | zł35.00
– Slapped, Wild Cabbage | zł30.00

JACEK MAJCHEREK (Słowacki bistro) – currently works as a chef at Słowacki bistro. A few years ago, he did an internship at Noma – the best restaurant in the world. He also worked alongside Gordon Ramsey. Thanks to his talent, he made it to the final line-up of the fourth edition of Top Chef.
Menu prepared by Jacek Majcherek – available only on Saturday:

– “salty sour herring” | zł15.00
– cranberries & goose | zł20.00

Main course
– (bacon) for sour apple | zł30.00
– Gingerbread Samba | zł15.00

PAWEŁ WĄTOR (Eliksir restaurant) – a chef and dietician by education. He gained experience in prestigious restaurants of the Carice Holding group as a Sous Chef. He worked at the Warsaw Amber Room as Modest Amaro’s deputy. Co-author of the book Discovering Flavours with Marek Kondrat, he also helped creatively with the book Polish Cuisine of the 21st Century.
Menu prepared by Paweł Wątor – available only on Sunday:

– tanned sprat | zł15.00
– shrimps on pebbles | zł20.00

Main course
– sirloin with forest foam | zł30.00
– Wine Jelly | zł15.00

You will be able to try the festival menu only during the first weekend of April – we encourage you to book tables.

Table reservations
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