Excellent Olivia Star!

Olivia Centre wins more laurels. 2021 was marked by awards related to safety, well-being of residents, tourist offer and design, and at the beginning of 2022 the project received further awards.

Olivia Star’s rating at the Excellent level has been awarded to the greatest extent for Energy-efficient solutions available in the building (lighting zoning, use of LED lighting), availability of alternative forms of transport (parking spaces for bicycles and scooters with charging stations, availability of public transport – Fast Urban Railway, Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway, tram and bus network) and highly efficient technologies for the management of water resources. As-built certification means that all initial assumptions specified in the project are met.

When analysing the building, the assessors took into account the fact that Olivia Star is one of the most modern high-rise buildings in Poland with an all-glass triple-glazed façade. The use of a triple-glazing unit and good insulation of the profiles allowed to achieve very high thermal insulation parameters. The building is also equipped with tilting elements of the façade, which create a natural ventilation system serving all office spaces with fresh air. The above factors contribute to the high energy efficiency of the building. At the same time, it is the first high-rise building in Poland with a natural ventilation system.

The heating system with a heat pump installed in the building, using geothermal sources from as much as 95 meters below the lowest floor of the building, was also highly rated. In this way, Olivia Star draws heat from the aquifer in the Paleogene sediments (Oligocene Tertiary). Importantly, this system does not produce harmful gases and is one of the most environmentally friendly installations.

High efficiency, low operating costs, long service life, environmental protection through the use of renewable (alternative) heat sources are the most important conclusions from Olivia Star’s assessment.

The BREEAM as-built certificate at the Excellent level is yet another distinction that has been awarded to Olivia Centre in recent months. The most important of these was the Well Health Safety Rating certification , carried out by 600 scientists from all over the world, cooperating with the International Well Building Institute in New York. 9 months ago, the institute gave Olivia the maximum score of 25 points out of a possible 25, in 22 basic and 3 additional categories related to innovations in the field of employee safety and well-being. No other facility in the world has received such high marks so far, which has allowed Olivia to be called the safest business center in the world. Such a result was only possible thanks to the commitment to the implementation of state-of-the-art safety solutions: the air handling units were equipped with air ionizers that continuously purify the air in the buildings from fungi, viruses and allergens. Active titanium coatings have been used in the common areas, creating surfaces free of pathogenic microorganisms, and in addition, the level of air filtration has been raised to the highest available level (from G4 to F7 class). More…

This summer, during the jubilee 20. In the edition of CIJ Awards Poland , the jury consisting of experts in the field of ecology, commercial real estate, design and property management awarded the new project in Olivia Centre – Olivia Garden, the award in the Best Interior/Exterior Design category. Olivia Garden is an exotic garden, covering 8720 m³ of green space, filled with 3000 plants. Plants up to 11 meters tall represent as many as 150 species and come from 4 continents. Importantly, Olivia Garden is a place that was inspired by the Residents. In 2018, during a workshop, employees of companies from Olivia indicated that it is such a natural, green oasis that they need to be able to fully regenerate their strength, regain energy and stimulate creativity during breaks at work. 2021 was the date of finalization of these plans and in May this year the first guests arrived at this unique space.

Olivia Garden is located in Olivia Star, which on its top floors also offers other public attractions contributing to the recognition of not only the environment related to commercial real estate. In the autumn of 2021, Olivia Star’s managers received the award of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship for the prepared tourist offer, which shows how multidimensional this project is and how modern thinking about office projects it implements.

We are aware of how many potential tenants of space in Olivia take into account the urban, multidimensional character of our centre, which offers their employees much more than just a space to work – says Konrad Danecki from Olivia Centre. Nowadays, practically everyone verifies environmental responsibility, ecology, wellbeing and additional services that await them in their new workplace. Well Health Safety Rating, BREEAM certification and other awards allow us to objectify and confirm to our business partners the level of our commitment to providing them with the highest level of service in the world. Such high marks are also a great satisfaction for us, confirming that what we do on a daily basis is recognized by independent experts with extensive knowledge and an appropriate perspective on an international scale.

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