Drop by for a match at the Football Zone Under the Palms!

World Cup 2018 full of emotions! Mexico won against Germany, Argentina drew with Iceland, Spain – Portugal, after a spectacular match, also with a draw (3:3). Poland They played their first match against Senegal, losing, unfortunately, 2:1. The next meeting of the Poles took place on June 24 – against Colombia. The last appearance of the national team is ahead of us – on June 28 we will face Japan. We keep our fingers crossed! And we invite you to cheer together in our “Football Zone Under the Palms” in the lobby of Olivia Star!

  • Each time there are plenty of attractions waiting for us:)
  • Bring something to sit on with you to the game, because it can be crowded;)
  • It is a well-known fact that the more football gadgets, the better!
  • May the force be with us!


More about our zone:

Olivia Business Centre has joined the football festival! On Thursday, June 14, the World Cup kicked off with a match at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. On this occasion, we invited OBC Residents to the “Football Zone under the palm trees”. Let’s cheer together for the White-and-Reds, as well as other best footballers in the world. The 21st edition of the World Cup opened with a meeting between the hosts and Saudi Arabia. The 5-0 result for Russia was just the beginning of great football emotions! After the opening match, the championship was in full swing. The trophy won in Brazil on 15 July may be defended by the German national team, which unexpectedly lost to Mexico in its first match at the World Cup…

In Olivia we are together and we cheer together:) And together we watch the championship in the “Football Zone under the palm trees” in the lobby of Olivia Star!

About the Football Zone Under the Palms in Olivia Star:

  • The zone is open from Monday to Friday
  • We open one hour before the first match
  • You can drop by Olivia Star for a selected World Cup match of the day or all matches 😉
  • This is our neighborhood zone, so you can bring whatever you have at hand (well, maybe not entirely at hand…;) ). Take with you something to sit, lie down , lie down, half stand – whatever you like:)
  • And make yourself at home!

Some additional information for Fans

  • You can bring your grandma, dad, sister, brother-in-law or friend with you:) Remember, however, that your guest should have a document with a photo with him (see: access to the “Football zone under the palm trees”)
  • You can bring soft drinks and your favorite snacks to the Zone:)


  • Residents of the Olivia Star building enter the “Football Zone under the palm trees” using their access badges (through the northern security gates),
  • Guests of the residents of the Olivia Star building enter through the service gate from the main reception after presenting a valid ID with a photo and after being provided with a wristband
  • Residents of other OBC buildings enter through the service gate from the main reception area upon presentation of a valid photo ID and wristband
  • Guests of residents of other OBC buildings enter through the service gate from the reception side upon presentation of a valid photo ID and wristband


Is admission to the fan zone free/free?

Yes, the entrance to the zone is completely free. Tenants of the Star building can enter the zone as part of their access card through the northern gates. Other tenants of the OBC complex can enter the zone upon presentation of an identity document and a special wristband.

Will the fan zone have catering?

No, we do not plan any catering or access to food, but you can come with your own food and drink,
except for alcohol!

What are the opening hours of the zone?

The zone will be open every match day except weekends. The opening of the zone will take place 60 minutes before the match on TV and will end 30 minutes after the match.

Are there any plans to reserve seats?

No, the zone is open and we do not plan to reserve space.


Do you have more questions? Write: komunikacja@oliviacentre.com


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