DJ Wika on Viva Oliwa, or how we connect generations :)

The seventh edition of the colorful holiday of one of the oldest and most beautiful districts of Gdańsk – Oliwa has taken place. “Viva Oliva!” is an atmospheric cultural picnic combined with the presentation of dozens of institutions and educational establishments, artists, craftsmen, companies and enterprises associated with Oliwa. The event is a great opportunity to meet and integrate many people and environments. The theme for years is the same: Viva Oliwa! – our common, unique place of life and activities 🙂

The main communication artery of Oliwa, Opat Jacek Rybiński Street, turned for the whole day into a promenade; a perfect place for meetings, games and walks. On June 16 we could visit many thematic stands – there was no shortage of opportunities to talk and learn about the offers of local artists, craftsmen, cultural institutions…

On the scene at Plac Inwalidów Wojen, schools and kindergartens presented themselves. Local artists also performed on it. The highlight of the event was… the intergenerational dance! At the invitation of Olivia Business Centre, it was run by “energy-woman” Wirginia Szmyt, known as DJ WIKA. The unique show of this oldest and undoubtedly the most vital DJ in Poland has taken many multigenerational families to dance. All the participants of Viva Oliva had fun with the biggest hits, those from the recent years, but also those beloved by grandparents or mothers. Over two hours of music set perfectly integrated inhabitants of Oliwa and their friends.

See the video report:

Undoubtedly, we have jointly written a new page in the history of our district! Thanks to music, Oliwa and Olivia connected the generations 🙂

Of course, before the performance, DJ Wika visited the Olivia Business Centre! She admired the Tri-City from the tallest building in Pomerania, Olivia Star.

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